• The party speaks for you

    Alex Joske     |      June 13, 2020

    The Chinese Communist Party is strengthening its influence by co-opting representatives of ethnic minority groups, religious movements, and business, science and political groups in China and overseas, including Australia.

  • Tackling Chinese military infiltration of Western universities

    Alex Joske     |      December 3, 2019

    Australian and other western universities have been all too eager to accept funding from China for research projects which bolster the Chinese military’s threat.

  • Australia should stop bolstering China’s military

    Alex Joske     |      May 22, 2019

    A clear statement that Australia will not increase the war fighting capability of the Chinese military would be common sense and offer a guiding principle for future decision-making.

  • How the Chinese military exploits Western universities and tech firms

    Alex Joske     |      April 15, 2019

    The willingness of Western universities and tech firms to work with Chinese experts without checking their links with the PLA could advance China’s military capability to our strategic disadvantage.

  • How research in the West boosts China’s military

    Alex Joske     |      November 1, 2018

    Helping the Chinese military bring its scientific talent and knowledge up to world-class standards is not in Australia’s interests and the problem demands a response from the government and universities.

  • Facing up to reality in Sino-Australian relations

    Alex Joske     |      April 26, 2018

    Chinese Communist Party interference in Australian affairs is real, not mere rhetoric, and it’s the central reason for bilateral tensions. Mistakes in how the China–Australia relationship has been managed shouldn’t lead us to lose sight of that crucial fact.