• Standing up for the Uyghurs

    Ronald Brown     |      May 11, 2024

    International efforts to address human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region include targeted sanctions and legislative measures, so what action is Australian taking on this vital issue?

  • Party of one

    Robert Wihtol     |      May 9, 2024

    China faces myriad challenges, from a sluggish economy, a huge property bubble and a demographic time bomb to deeply indebted local governments. But the fact that it is run by one man who is unwilling either to share power or to designate a successor may yet prove to be its biggest problem.

  • The political thought of Xi Jinping

    John West     |      April 28, 2024

    Like Vladimir Putin in Russia, Xi Jinping has established himself as China’s absolute dictator but his policies of internal repression and external aggression are motivated by ideology as well as personal power and nationalism.

  • China’s recognition of the Taliban sets a dangerous example

    Adam Leslie     |      February 16, 2024

    China’s recognition of the Taliban as the legitimate government of Afghanistan sets a dangerous international precedent and is a morally bankrupt approach to international relations.

  • Hostage diplomacy

    Justin Bassi     |      February 10, 2024

    It’s time for Beijing to stop assuming it can worry Australia, and start worrying about what Australia might do. We can start by fighting for justice for Yang Hengjun and defend our democratic sovereignty.

  • Stability or submission?

    Justin Bassi     |      January 24, 2024

    The governments of Australia and China both ostensibly want to improve their rocky relationship, but the shape this should take is seen in very different terms in Beijing compared to Canberra.

  • Spamouflage

    Albert Zhang     |      January 20, 2024

    The Chinese Communist Party launched a massive campaign to manipulate Taiwanese voters by spreading disinformation and propaganda across social media, and its failure to influence the result should not undermine the threat this poses to democracies around the world.

  • Red tinted glasses

    Andrew Forrest     |      January 16, 2024

    Innumerable articles dissect or criticise how Australia views China, but it’s China’s ideological perception of the world which may be more relevant to our diplomatic and strategic relations.

  • Singing the party’s song

    Fergus Ryan     |      November 27, 2023

    Vetted and approved social media influencers flourish under the Chinese Communist Party’s tightly regulated social media ecosystem as the party uses their popularity to bolster its dubious legitimacy both domestically and abroad.

  • Disagreeing where we must

    Open Forum     |      November 16, 2023

    Australia and China are looking to improve their diplomatic and economic relations after China’s failed attempts to bully Australia into submission, but this shouldn’t stop Australia emphasising its support for Taiwan.

  • China’s bullying backfires

    Greg Poling     |      November 15, 2023

    China’s remorseless diplomatic and military bullying of its maritime neighbours is driving them ever further into the allied alliance against the expansionist communist state.

  • In the house of pooh bear

    Justin Bassi     |      November 5, 2023

    Tensions appear to be easing between Australia and China, but the Prime Minister must remember that pulling punches on international security in the hope of frictionless diplomacy and short-term economic gain only teaches authoritarian states that aggression and coercion are effective.