• War by any other name

    John Storey     |      December 10, 2021

    The real danger of cyberwarfare is not that it will replace physical military operations, but that it will incite them.

  • An icy winter games

    Peter Jennings     |      December 8, 2021

    Should Australian officials and dignitaries travel with our athletes to Beijing in February for the Winter Olympics?

  • Big stick or feather duster?

    Geoffrey Barker     |      December 2, 2021

    Strong alliances, like the new AUKUS agreement, are more likely to deter war with China than appeasement based on faith in Chinese benevolence once its demands are met.

  • From Mao to now

    Robert Wihtol     |      November 27, 2021

    David Shambaugh’s new book is essential reading for anyone interested in the power plays which shape the Chinese Communist party.

  • Fly the red ensign, not the white flag

    Peter Jennings     |      November 25, 2021

    While Hugh White preaches appeasement and surrender, Australia and its allies can stand up to Chinese bullying and aggression on the international stage.

  • The defence of Australia begins in Taiwan

    Peter Jennings     |      November 20, 2021

    China is building up its military at breakneck speed and preparing to strike at Taiwan. While its apologists will frame the invasion as inevitable, and in internal affair, Australia and the world’s democracies cannot stand helplessly aside.

  • Where is Peng Shuai?

    Fergus Ryan     |      November 20, 2021

    As international concern about Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai’s whereabouts grows and more of the world’s top tennis stars weigh in, Beijing’s propagandists are floundering.

  • Why Keating is wrong about China

    Paul Dibb     |      November 16, 2021

    Paul Keating resembles a sleepwalker who remains oblivious of today’s geopolitical reality.

  • Stuck in the past of the future

    Mark Harrison     |      November 15, 2021

    Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating is willing to sell Taiwan down the river to maintain good relations with Communist China, but his appeasement does him, and his country, no credit.

  • The Quad can contain China

    Liam Gibson     |      October 25, 2021

    The formidable naval power of Indo-Pacific alliances could still contain China’s aggressive naval build-up and deter an invasion of Taiwan or countries bordering the South China Sea.

  • Growing problems for China

    Richard Holden     |      October 23, 2021

    China’s communist leaders successfully adopted the free market while maintaining political hegemony, but without academic freedom and rule of law it’s hard to see how China’s economy can continue to grow so fast.

  • Exposing China’s oppression of Xinjiang’s Uyghurs

    Vicky Xiuzhong Xu     |      October 21, 2021

    Up to a million Uyghurs and other indigenous people in Xinjiang have been rounded up and interned in what Chinese authorities call  ‘vocational education and training centres’ since 2017, but these camps are only the most visible components of a vast architecture of repression in the region.