• Sunlight is the best disinfectant

    Fergus Ryan     |      June 16, 2022

    Australia’s willingness to investigate wrong-doing in Afghanistan stands in sharp contrast to China’s secrecy about its own affairs and propaganda about others.

  • Close encounters of the PLA kind

    Michael Shoebridge     |      June 7, 2022

    The Chinese armed forces routinely harass the planes and ships of other nations as part of the Chinese Communist Parties wider campaign of intimidation and force projection.

  • The indelible city of Hong Kong

    Kevin Carrico     |      June 7, 2022

    Indelible City – Dispossession and Defiance in Hong Kong by Louisa Lim is a haunting testimonial to the intertwined vitality, tragedy and hope of Hong Kong under the boot of the Chinese communist party.

  • Xi’s endgame and strategic power manoeuvres

    Collins Chong Yew Kea     |      June 2, 2022

    The world faces a century of a prolonged and sustained adversarial relationship between the US and China, with constant chessboard manoeuvring of containment and countermeasures.

  • How China backed Russia’s lies on Ukraine

    Samantha Hoffman     |      May 29, 2022

    Beijing’s amplification of Kremlin propaganda over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows how the Chinese Communist Party works to undermine Western democracy, subvert international order and erode respect for truth itself to promote its own political power.

  • Ukraine’s heroism may help save Taiwan

    Kacie Miura     |      May 28, 2022

    Ukraine is not the only peaceful, democratic country menaced by a much larger, authoritarian aggressor. If Russia had strolled to an easy victory in Ukraine, China would surely have been emboldened to attack Taiwan, but the combination of fierce resistance and international support may make even President Xi think twice.

  • Panda huggers and dragon slayers

    Graeme Dobell     |      April 26, 2022

    Dazzled by the prospect of economic opportunities, Australia had high hopes for a closer relationship with China at the start of the ‘Asian Century’ but the reality of China’s oppressive, aggressive intentions has forced all but the most craven China apologists to reassess their views.

  • The tiger and the bear

    Michael Shoebridge     |      March 19, 2022

    Putin’s war in Ukraine, like Covid-19 and increased strategic competition with the US and other major powers, have both negative and positive consequences for the rulers in Beijing who harbour similar dreams of absolute power.

  • Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow?

    David Engel     |      March 6, 2022

    Fears the West’s failure to militarily intervene to save Ukraine from Russian tanks may embolden a Chinese assault on Taiwan may be misplaced – as China’s bloody history of regional bullying suggests they plan to do it anyway.

  • Chinese chequers

    Michael Shoebridge     |      February 19, 2022

    The Liberal Party was as guilty as Labor of courting China in the past, but whoever wins the next Federal election will need a clear eyed view of Chinese intentions and work with our allies to counter them.

  • Taking the low road

    John Fitzgerald     |      February 15, 2022

    A new ASPI report maps the transition in state and territory linkages with China from the relatively innocent days of the 1980s and 1990s through to more fraught times under Xi.

  • Sportswash!

    Michael Clarke     |      February 12, 2022

    The failure of the international community to respond to the Uyghurs’ plight speaks to the self interest of governments, multinational corporations and organisations like the International Olympic Committee to retain profitable relations with Beijing.