• A man of humanity

    Amin Saikal     |      February 28, 2023

    Former US President Jimmy Carter is spending the last stage of his life in home hospice care at the age of 98 and will be remembered for his humanity and humility outside office as much as his achievements within it.

  • Back to the future in Iran

    Amin Saikal     |      January 20, 2023

    The public unrest that has gripped Iran since September, spearheaded by women, is essentially about the very objectives that the instigators of the 1978–79 Iranian revolution sought but failed to achieve – a democratic transformation of the country.

  • Iran v the clerics at the World Cup

    Amin Saikal     |      November 23, 2022

    England thrashed Iran 6 – 2 in their opening World Cup match, but the bigger story may be the spilling over of dissent and protest against the theocratic dictatorship at home spilling over onto the pitch on this biggest of sporting stages.

  • The mauling of the mullahs

    Amin Saikal     |      October 20, 2022

    Forty years of brutal theocracy in Iran appears to be unraveling as the population – led by women – rise up against the ruling clerics.

  • Russia sinks into the quagmire

    Amin Saikal     |      September 2, 2022

    Putin shows no sign of backing down from his disastrous invasion of Ukraine, but the longer the war continues the more damaging it will be to Russia.

  • The west v the rest

    Amin Saikal     |      July 15, 2022

    The aggressive dictatorships of China and Russia are cosying up to whoever might help them confront the United States and its democratic allies, including the jihadists they still fear within their own borders.

  • Russia’s bloodbath in Ukraine

    Amin Saikal     |      March 10, 2022

    Russia is suffering a heavy rate of casualties at the hands of determined Ukranian resistance, provoking memories of the Soviet folly in Afghanistan which provoked similar international outrage over 40 years ago.

  • What now for Afghanistan?

    Amin Saikal     |      July 2, 2021

    As Australian and other allied troops finally leave Afghanistan after 20 years of conflict with the Taliban, what does the future hold for that war-torn and battered country?