• Protecting Taiwan

    Benjamin Herscovitch     |      April 8, 2021

    Australian policy on Taiwan is a matter of ethics as well as strategy. Our decisions on Taiwan may define for this age the values that we represent and our willingness to uphold them.

  • Ending racism does not require respect

    Benjamin Herscovitch     |      October 29, 2013

    Today the Centre of Independent Studies discusses the importance of building a multiculturally diverse but socially cohesive society. Benjamin Herscovitch says that creating a tolerant Australia only demands benign indifference to diversity.

  • Plenty of Australians speak Asian languages

    Benjamin Herscovitch     |      September 13, 2012

    There are about two billion English speakers globally and English is spoken by about 800 million people in Asia. Benjamin Herscovitch says those statistics make him sceptical of calls to solve Australia’s Asia literacy non-problem.