• Enforcing foreign investment rules

    David Uren     |      July 13, 2024

    Treasury has stepped up enforcement of Australia’s foreign investment regime to find the right balance between protecting national interests and encouraging investment inflows.

  • A lot of hot air?

    David Uren     |      September 23, 2023

    Summit season is in full swing, with a host of global issues discussed at the East Asia, BRICS and G20 leaders’ gatherings over the last month and APEC summit scheduled for November in San Francisco.

  • How economic allies helped Australia evade China’s blockade

    David Uren     |      April 28, 2023

    China’s campaign of economic coercion against Australia failed because of support from other Asian trading partners who turned to Australia to secure their energy supplies.

  • Australia 1 China 0

    David Uren     |      February 8, 2023

    It’s too soon to declare an end to China’s economic war against Australia, but the signs are all pointing in that direction, with the meeting between trade ministers of the two countries this week coinciding with the first shipments of Australian coal to China in two years.

  • The year of economic warfare

    David Uren     |      December 22, 2022

    Major powers around the world have launched a range of economic attacks against each other in recent years, most notably Russia’s leverage of energy supplies to punish the supporters of Ukraine.

  • An ill wind

    David Uren     |      November 1, 2022

    Australians may be struggling with high energy costs, but global spikes in energy prices have proved a boon for the nation’s economy.

  • New ports of call for Australian goods

    David Uren     |      October 17, 2022

    China’s share of Australia’s trade is falling and being replaced by other trading partners in Asia, bringing important diversification to Australian markets.

  • Putin flounders in Asia

    David Uren     |      September 21, 2022

    Western sanctions are degrading Russia’s basket case economy and Putin’s appeal to Asia does nothing to mask his military humiliation in Ukraine.

  • Sanctions on Russia could prove a windfall for Australia

    David Uren     |      April 25, 2022

    Australia is Russia’s closest competitor in global markets and is the obvious winner as Putin’s pariah state loses exports due to international sanctions.

  • Russia slides into the red

    David Uren     |      March 5, 2022

    While Vladimir Putin cowers in his bunker, increasingly isolated from reality and the rest of the world, the devastation his troops are wreaking on Ukraine is being equaled by the desolation and isolation of his own fiefdom as Western sanctions begin to bite.

  • Will sanctions stop Russia?

    David Uren     |      February 10, 2022

    While the process of imposing economic sanctions is firmly institutionalised in the US and increasingly so in other Western nations, there’s little empirical research into their effectiveness.

  • Beijing’s boomerang ban on Australian coal

    David Uren     |      September 15, 2021

    The Chinese Communist Party’s use of economic muscle to bully other nations into political acquiescence is backfiring when it comes to China’s de-facto ban on imports of Australian coal.