• Sanctions on Russia could prove a windfall for Australia

    David Uren     |      April 25, 2022

    Australia is Russia’s closest competitor in global markets and is the obvious winner as Putin’s pariah state loses exports due to international sanctions.

  • Russia slides into the red

    David Uren     |      March 5, 2022

    While Vladimir Putin cowers in his bunker, increasingly isolated from reality and the rest of the world, the devastation his troops are wreaking on Ukraine is being equaled by the desolation and isolation of his own fiefdom as Western sanctions begin to bite.

  • Will sanctions stop Russia?

    David Uren     |      February 10, 2022

    While the process of imposing economic sanctions is firmly institutionalised in the US and increasingly so in other Western nations, there’s little empirical research into their effectiveness.

  • Beijing’s boomerang ban on Australian coal

    David Uren     |      September 15, 2021

    The Chinese Communist Party’s use of economic muscle to bully other nations into political acquiescence is backfiring when it comes to China’s de-facto ban on imports of Australian coal.

  • Bad tempered steel

    David Uren     |      August 31, 2021

    A recent report in China’s Global Times newspaper suggests Chinese steel mills are imposing discriminatory cuts to exports to Australia as a new element in the continuing campaign of economic coercion against us.

  • Global fall in foreign investment reflects rise in geopolitical tensions

    David Uren     |      August 25, 2021

    Foreign direct investment is increasingly being seen as a threat to national security as relations between China and the West deteriorate. Twenty-five nations imposed new security regulations controlling investment inflows during the past year.

  • Global shipping bounces back

    David Uren     |      July 22, 2021

    The pandemic prompted calls for greater self-sufficiency, but global shipping is back to pre-COVID proportions, although fissures in international relations threaten to undermine this recovery.

  • Australia’s asymmetric advantages in global trade

    David Uren     |      June 29, 2021

    Australia’s phenomenal resource endowment has once again seen it through a difficult period in the global economy, with supercharged commodity markets siphoning some of the stimulus spending by the world’s major economies into Australian pockets.

  • Climate cooperation between China and the West may be a mirage

    David Uren     |      June 3, 2021

    Climate change has emerged as a rare zone of cooperation and civility between China and the West this year, but it remains to be seen if this will last through to, or beyond, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November.

  • China still needs Australian iron ore

    David Uren     |      May 6, 2021

    It must be galling to Chinese authorities that, notwithstanding their determination to punish Australia for its many perceived sins, their annual imports from Australia are running at near record levels.

  • An Australian head of the OECD

    David Uren     |      April 21, 2021

    The appointment of Australian Mathias Cormann as the new Secretary-General of the OECD has important implications for Australia and China.

  • No easy fix for Australia’s supply-chain dependence on China

    David Uren     |      March 3, 2021

    Despite China’s trade war against Australia, our dependence on Chinese supplies is so broad that finding alternative suppliers remains a major challenge.