• Big stick or feather duster?

    Geoffrey Barker     |      December 2, 2021

    Strong alliances, like the new AUKUS agreement, are more likely to deter war with China than appeasement based on faith in Chinese benevolence once its demands are met.

  • America will forget Trump

    Geoffrey Barker     |      November 21, 2020

    Donald Trump’s stubborn refusal to accept defeat in the US presidential election is alarming observers of American politics, but once out of office he will soon be forgotten, like many such figures before him.

  • Australia’s new defence paradigm

    Geoffrey Barker     |      July 9, 2020

    Prompted by China’s increasingly coercive international behaviour, Australia’s revised defence policy looks to protect Australian interests and support global resistance to Beijing’s rising brutality.

  • It’s time for Canberra to stop kowtowing to Beijing

    Geoffrey Barker     |      June 20, 2019

    Managing relations with China is the most challenging foreign and security policy problem facing Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his re-elected government. While appeasement is always the easy option, a strong stance is required to protect the region and our liberties.