• Putin’s MAD option

    John Storey     |      March 7, 2022

    Russia’s massive nuclear arsenal, and Putin’s professed willingness to use them, has stayed the West’s hand in helping Ukraine, but an increasingly crazed Putin might use them against Kiev, knowing the West might not respond.

  • The modern Munich moment

    John Storey     |      February 27, 2022

    If we are on the path to another bloody global confrontation, future historians will no doubt claim it would have been easier to stop Putin in 2008 when he invaded Georgia, or 2014 when he seized Crimea, or 2022 when he invaded Ukraine.

  • War by any other name

    John Storey     |      December 10, 2021

    The real danger of cyberwarfare is not that it will replace physical military operations, but that it will incite them.