• Just before dawn

    Keith Richburg     |      November 19, 2020

    The darkest hour is just before dawn, and despite the current President’s refusal to accept the result of a democratic election, a new leader is set to navigate America’s path into a brighter, more positive future.

  • Why there was no “October surprise”

    Keith Richburg     |      November 1, 2020

    America’s mainstream media were Trump’s unwitting enablers in 2016, but have finally rediscovered their rightful role: to be the country’s gatekeepers against baseless conspiracy theories, to filter out truth from lies, and to hold the powerful accountable for the actions, or their ineptitude.

  • The great Chinese cover-up

    Keith Richburg     |      October 18, 2020

    China may now want to expel foreign correspondents to control its own narrative and stem negative coverage but its connections to the outside world means the country can no longer be isolated and escape critical coverage, no matter how much it tries.

  • How Trump let COVID take America

    Keith Richburg     |      September 19, 2020

    As Donald Trump campaigns for re-election, he continues to blame Xi and China for the toll the virus has inflicted on America. Instead, he should look in the mirror.

  • The death of Hong Kong

    Keith Richburg     |      July 5, 2020

    Communist China’s brutal assault on Hong Kong’s last vestiges of freedom through its controversial new ‘security law’ is yet more chilling evidence of its repressive and expansionist nature.

  • Bringing Hong Kong back from the brink

    Keith Richburg     |      September 3, 2019

    Hong Kong’s current crisis is the result of the absence of politics. The chief executive and the cabinet were never elected, are unrepresentative and do not have to answer to ordinary Hong Kongers. Average citizens also feel they have no stake in a leadership system that ignores their needs, serves mostly the wealthy elite, and is answerable only to Beijing.