• A sham election in a hollow state

    Matthew Sussex     |      March 15, 2024

    Having murdered or imprisoned anyone who dared stand up to his murderous rule, Vladimir Putin will install himself for yet another term as Russian President this weekend, driving his country ever further down a dark road of repression, aggression and decay.

  • A tough year ahead for Ukraine

    Matthew Sussex     |      February 25, 2024

    Europe is finally beginning to wake up to the reality a Trump-led US could abandon NATO, in addition to Ukraine, but whether European nations are able to overcome their institutional inertia and webs of entangled interests to stoutly resist Russia on their own remains an open question.

  • Stand with Ukraine

    Matthew Sussex     |      November 23, 2023

    Violence in the Middle East has overshadowed Ukraine’s triumph in crossing the mighty Dnipro river to liberate areas occupied by Russian invaders for a year and a half. This is not the time for the West to get bored or distracted, or, even worse, re-elect the unspeakably awful Putin supporting Donald Trump.

  • Ouroboros

    Matthew Sussex     |      August 25, 2023

    The only surprise about Prigozhin’s death is that Vladimir Putin took two months to murder him, but as the brutal Russian regime turns on itself, it’s only a matter of time before Putin himself suffers a similar fate.

  • How Putin ruined Russia

    Matthew Sussex     |      August 1, 2023

    While most of Eastern Europe sloughed off Soviet domination to embrace freedom and prosperity, Russia has collapsed back into a new dark age under the dictatorship of Vladimir Putin.

  • The world’s weakest strong man

    Matthew Sussex     |      June 26, 2023

    The weekend’s farcical events in Russia suggest that the political end for an increasingly rattled Vladimir Putin is approaching fast.

  • Give Ukraine the jets it needs to win

    Matthew Sussex     |      May 26, 2023

    15 months after Russia’s invasion, the West remains curiously and shamefully reluctant to give Ukraine the fighter jets it needs to reclaim its own airspace and drive out the invaders.

  • Thug life

    Matthew Sussex     |      May 17, 2023

    Vladimir Putin’s search for scapegoats for his humiliating failure to subdue Ukraine risks sparking a civil war with the brutal mercenary gang he has relied upon to do his dirty work.

  • Counterstrike

    Matthew Sussex     |      May 5, 2023

    Russia’s blundering and brutal assault on Ukraine has ground to a halt, but the West must keep arming Ukraine to ensure its plans to counter-attack succeed and drive the Russians from their country.

  • Russia’s shadow war

    Matthew Sussex     |      April 7, 2023

    The leak of 5,000 documents from Russia’s Vulkan group has exposed the ways Vladimir Putin’ wages cyber-war against the west.

  • The West dithers while Ukraine burns

    Matthew Sussex     |      January 25, 2023

    While nations like Estonia and Poland have been generous with their military support of Ukraine, larger NATO countries have dithered about sending the heavy weapons required to repulse the Russian invasion.

  • Putin’s toxic legacy

    Matthew Sussex     |      December 6, 2022

    While Russia’s beleaguered dictator amuses himself by lobbing rockets at Ukrainian civilians, his country has become an international pariah and is falling apart around him.