• We must all step up to save Ukraine

    Matthew Sussex     |      July 9, 2022

    Putin cares nothing for the ire of the West, the lives of Ukrainians or even his own soldiers as his monstrous army slowly grinds over Eastern Ukraine, crushing everything in its path. The West cannot let this catastrophe fall out of the headlines, we must all step up and fight for Ukraine.

  • Putin waits for the West to get bored

    Matthew Sussex     |      June 24, 2022

    The West is growing weary of Russia’s war in Ukraine, despite leaving Ukraine to do all the fighting, and Vladimir Putin is counting on the free world’s short attention span and lack of moral fibre to grind his way to European domination.

  • Barbaric acts feed filthy lies

    Matthew Sussex     |      April 7, 2022

    We should not be surprised that a brutal dictatorial regime which will invade its peaceful neighbour and murder its civilians in the face of global outrage has no qualms about lying about it too.

  • The West owes Ukraine more than words

    Matthew Sussex     |      March 22, 2022

    The Western democracies should offer greater support for Ukraine, including direct military action, to reward the hope, courage and faith shown by Ukraine in its defence of freedom against tyranny.

  • Meeting the authoritarian challenge

    Matthew Sussex     |      July 23, 2021

    There are no easy ways to generate democratic resilience, but it is a crucial endeavour given the increasing range and severity of ‘grey zone’ assaults committed by China, Russia and other authoritarian nations.