• Pygmy perches once swam across arid Southern Australia

    Open Forum     |      June 18, 2018

    Pygmy perches were, at some point in ancient history, able to swim east to west in freshwater in a area of central southern Australia which is now completely dry, suggesting rivers once flowed in areas of the country which are now completely arid.

  • Investing in coral reefs could protect global communities

    Open Forum     |      June 17, 2018

    Coastal development and climate change are increasing the risk of flooding for communities across the globe.  Unfortunately, the coral reefs which provide a first line of defense to countries around the world are being rapidly degraded.

  • Queensland cancer patients hit by out of pocket costs

    Open Forum     |      June 12, 2018

    One quarter of Queenslanders diagnosed with cancer will pay upfront doctors’ fees of more than $20,000 in the first two years, according to a new study shining a light on out-of-pocket costs for survivors.

  • Prison job programs help ex-convicts stay out of trouble

    Open Forum     |      June 9, 2018

    New research shows that vocation and education training in prison can play an important role in reducing rates of recidivism when offenders are released back into the community.

  • When should you get your flu shot?

    Open Forum     |      June 7, 2018

    Research from the Kirby Institute at UNSW Sydney shows that due to waning in the effectiveness of the flu vaccine over time, getting the vaccine in June or July could be the best time for overall protection against the illness.

  • Walk faster – live longer

    Open Forum     |      June 4, 2018

    Research led by the University of Sydney suggests that speeding up your walking pace could not only make you fitter, but actually extend your life.

  • Almost a third of Australian children suffer disadvantage

    Open Forum     |      June 3, 2018

    Almost a third of Australian children experience some form of disadvantage that can have a lasting impact on their development, a new study of more than 5,000 children has found.

  • The underfunded fight against PNG’s hidden HIV epidemic

    Open Forum     |      May 24, 2018

    Researchers from the Papua New Guinea Institute for Medical Research and UNSW’s Kirby Institute say better health services are required to tackle high rates of HIV, hepatitis and STIs among key populations in PNG.

  • Hypnosis offers help for chronic back pain suffers

    Open Forum     |      May 19, 2018

    Chronic low-back pain is the leading cause of disability in Australia and drugs can be ineffective and cause problems of their own. New research suggests that hypnosis, combined with pain education, can help sufferers find relief.

  • ‘Solar gardens’ could empower all Australians

    Open Forum     |      May 18, 2018

    The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has announced funding for a feasibility study that could allow the third of Australians who rent, live in apartments or live in low income housing to access the benefits of rooftop solar energy.

  • Outdated surgical choices put women at risk

    Open Forum     |      May 17, 2018

    Australian women are undergoing unnecessarily invasive hysterectomies due to a lack of surgical skills among gynaecologists.

  • Does switching to ‘diet’ soft drinks really improve your health?

    Open Forum     |      May 16, 2018

    A University of Sydney study that models a full sugar to diet soft drink switch in rats suggests swapping to artificially sweetened drinks may help improve the metabolic and cognitive impairments that high sugar consumption can exacerbate.