• Global science leaders call for greater action on climate change

    Open Forum     |      March 20, 2018

    The Australian Academy of Science has joined Commonwealth of Nations science leaders from around the globe to call on the Commonwealth Heads of Government to use the best available science to guide action on climate change.

  • Shorten in space

    Open Forum     |      March 17, 2018

    Labor is promising an investment of up to AU$35 million in a new space agency if it wins the next election, but co-investment from industry and universities must help get the program off the ground.

  • ACCC slams opaque mortgage deals

    Open Forum     |      March 15, 2018

    An interim report by the ACCC has found the opaque pricing of discounts offered on residential mortgage rates makes it difficult for customers to make informed choices and penalises borrowers who stick with the same lender over time.

  • Better education and monitoring should reduce harm from opiods

    Open Forum     |      March 15, 2018

    Painaustralia is calling for better education and awareness around opioid use for pain management, in light of evidence of significant harms and increasing use of opioids for chronic non-cancer pain.

  • The new drive to reduce smoking in Aboriginal communities

    Open Forum     |      March 15, 2018

    A new scheme is set to launch in 30 health services across Australia with the challenging aim of helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women not only understand the dangers of smoking during pregnancy, but to ultimately quit for good.

  • 116,000 people were without a home on Census night

    Open Forum     |      March 14, 2018

    More Australians are living on the streets, with 15% of recent migrants without a home to call their own. The homeless rate has increased 4.6% over the last five years, according to new data from the 2016 Census of Population and Housing.

  • Supermarkets must start to tackle obesity

    Open Forum     |      March 10, 2018

    Australian supermarkets must take more responsibility for their role in driving Australia’s worsening rates of obesity, according to a new study ranking the nutrition policies of Australia’s biggest food chains.

  • The heartbreak behind Australia’s first gay marriage

    Open Forum     |      March 8, 2018

    While Queensland’s first gay wedding was tinged with tragedy as well as triumph, the state is making further changes to the law to accommodate diversity.

  • Women press for progress around the world

    Open Forum     |      March 8, 2018

    To mark International Women’s Day, and in the wake of the #metoo campaign, a new global study by Ipsos across 27 countries – “Global Misperceptions of Equality and the Need to Press for Progress” – highlights a range of equality issues, with sexual harassment topping the list. 

  • Re-imagining Australian housing affordability

    Open Forum     |      March 7, 2018

    Building an extra 50,000 homes a year for a decade could leave Australian house prices 5 to 20% lower than they would be otherwise, and stem rising public anxiety about housing affordability, according to a new Grattan Institute report

  • Marshall Islands to launch official cryptocurrency

    Open Forum     |      March 6, 2018

    As cryptocurrencies become increasingly mainstream, the Marshall Islands are planning to launch the world’s first digital legal tender. Lawmakers hope the residents will use the Sovereign (SOV) digital currency for everything from paying taxes to buying groceries.

  • Australia deserves a better debate and 5 ‘quick wins’ for ‘wicked’ problems

    Open Forum     |      March 3, 2018

    Australia21 urges politicians to embrace evidence based policy making and engage in constructive discussion of more effective strategies to address inequality, trauma related stress, illicit drugs, the future of work and climate change.