• Outdated surgical choices put women at risk

    Open Forum     |      May 17, 2018

    Australian women are undergoing unnecessarily invasive hysterectomies due to a lack of surgical skills among gynaecologists.

  • Does switching to ‘diet’ soft drinks really improve your health?

    Open Forum     |      May 16, 2018

    A University of Sydney study that models a full sugar to diet soft drink switch in rats suggests swapping to artificially sweetened drinks may help improve the metabolic and cognitive impairments that high sugar consumption can exacerbate.

  • New report settles the score on Perth’s ‘liveability’

    Open Forum     |      May 14, 2018

    A new report assessing Perth’s ‘liveability’ finds that despite the city’s improvements, it still struggles to meet its targets for infrastructure and policy implementation.

  • Marine protection zones help fish populations survive

    Open Forum     |      May 14, 2018

    An international study led by Monash marine ecologists has found that larger fish are much more important to feeding the planet than previously thought.

  • Support grieving mums too this Mother’s Day

    Open Forum     |      May 13, 2018

    As mothers around Australia celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday we should also remember those who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

  • A flood of questions after Hobart’s rainstorm

    Open Forum     |      May 13, 2018

    Heavy rain and floods in Hobart have prompted comment from a range of experts, from the increasing likelihood of serious weather events due to ongoing climate change to the need for caution while driving and the toll such natural disasters can take on long term mental health. 

  • The high climate cost of our growing wanderlust

    Open Forum     |      May 9, 2018

    As countries grow in prosperity, ever more people are taking the opportunity to travel the world. However, our journeys to the world’s most beautiful places today may threaten their future tomorrow.

  • Good in parts – Science and the Federal Budget

    Open Forum     |      May 9, 2018

    Australian academics and scientists analyse the budget’s impact on research, health, infrastructure, education and the environment.

  • Australia to fund internet cable to PNG and Solomons

    Open Forum     |      May 7, 2018

    Australia has pledged to cover two thirds of the $200 million cost of a new high-speed internet cable for Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands but concerns have been raised about its impact on the existing aid budget.

  • Consumers can change the recycling story

    Open Forum     |      May 4, 2018

    It is hard to know who is really making a difference in the war on waste but QUT Business School Associate Professor Gary Mortimer believes that consumers have the power to drive change if they want to.

  • Migration continues to reshape Australia

    Open Forum     |      May 1, 2018

    Population growth and distribution affect most areas of public policy and a new Treasury paper examines the benefits that skilled migration brings to Australia, while also accepting its challenges.

  • Australia embraces organic food

    Open Forum     |      May 1, 2018

    New findings released by Australian Organic, the organic industry’s leading body, show an uptake in household food shopping allocated to organic produce and goods, with now more than 6 in 10 Australian households claiming to buy organic in any given year.