• The big lies pitting West v South

    Stephen Nagy     |      September 24, 2023

    The argument the so-called “Global South” is tired of the West’s disrespect and is owed greater concessions for past misdeeds is flawed at several levels.

  • The battle for ideas will shape new global order

    Stephen Nagy     |      May 25, 2022

    The world has a choice to make between the freedom and democracy offered by the West and the aggressive authoritarianism of Russia and China.

  • The great game in the digital age

    Stephen Nagy     |      April 23, 2022

    Optimists once hoped the collapse of European Communism presaged the ‘end of history’, but Putin’s menacing of Europe – mirrored by China’s naked ambition in Asia – is forcing the democratic world to resist once again the rise of rapacious authoritarianism.