• Zelensky’s charm offensive

    Tetyana Malyarenko     |      May 27, 2023

    President Zelensky’s world tour is giving Ukraine the chance it needs to beef up its military supplies, train troops and build broader international support to force the Russians from its territory.

  • Standing firm against Mordor

    Tetyana Malyarenko     |      February 22, 2023

    After a gruelling 12 months of war, US President Joe Biden’s visit to Kyiv should kick-start greater Western support for Ukraine to ensure it defeats the Russian invasion.

  • The mad dog’s last gamble

    Tetyana Malyarenko     |      September 22, 2022

    Russia’s tyrant has reacted to Ukraine’s gains in the war by conscripting 300,000 additional soldiers, announcing fake referendums and threatening the use of “lots of Russian weapons” but such bluster only reveals Putin’s weakness rather than demonstrating strength.

  • Put the squeeze on Moscow, not Ukraine

    Tetyana Malyarenko     |      June 12, 2022

    The West must redouble its pressure on Moscow to end its invasion of Ukraine, rather than urge Ukraine to make concessions if a permanent peace is to be found.

  • Putin attends his own funeral

    Tetyana Malyarenko     |      May 11, 2022

    Russia celebrated its ‘victory day’ over fascism on May 9 but its own descent into fascism continues, and no amount of big hats and goose stepping can hide how badly things are going for Vladimir Putin.