• Red tape “threat to growth”?

    Victor Perton     |      January 4, 2009

    It is a delight to introduce today the final report from the GAP Congress on Regulatory Affairs: "Opportunities for Business".

    It is a delight to introduce today the final report from the GAP Congress on Regulatory Affairs: Opportunities for Business.

    On 26 September 2008, it was my pleasure to chair the GAP Congress on Regulatory Affairs: Opportunities for Business, held at Victoria’s Parliament House in Melbourne.

  • A New Year’s Resolution? Don’t forget ID Management, Mutual Authentication and the ruthless power of social engineering!

    Malcolm Crompton     |      December 31, 2008

    May you all have a Happy New Year that is also safe online and offline and where you, not others, control what happens to the personal information about you and about what you are doing.

  • What a Year!

    sally.rose     |      December 24, 2008

    Thank you to all our members for a great year. Best wishes for a happy holiday, see you online in 2009!

    Thank you to all our members for a great year. Best wishes for a happy holiday, see you online in 2009!

    There’s something rejuvenating about reflecting upon the year that was and making plans for the year ahead. Taking a little time to re-read a few of my favourite posts from Open Forum in 2008 has left me feeling even more excited about 2009.

  • Cusco & Machu Pichu – a postcard from Peru

    Malcolm Crompton     |      December 4, 2008

    The historic capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco is situated 3,400 m above sea level, so you'll need at least a day of acclimatising before doing anything else.

  • Accountability, partners in the value chain and trans border data flows: looking elsewhere

    Malcolm Crompton     |      November 2, 2008

    As information flows ever more easily between jurisdictions, how can effective regulatory protections be put in place for the stakeholders?

    This question applies equally to the protection of intellectual property (IP) as it does to the protection of personal information (PI) or any other valuable information assets held by an organisation.  It also applies equally to organisations in the private sector, be they banks or online retailers, as it does to government agencies, be they policing agencies or anything else in various services (Customs, Immigration, national security etc) or even hybrid processes such as the exchange of Passenger Name Records between airlines and authorities or fulfilling anti money laundering obligations.

  • The privacy conversation is not moving; The Identity Management debate is

    Malcolm Crompton     |      October 26, 2008

    What is happening in the global debate on how to make it safe for individuals to share personal information (or have it shared), otherwise known as "information privacy"?  What about a significant part of this discussion, developing identity management arrangements for the 21st century that respect the individual, otherwise known as "user centric identity management"?

  • Is rationality returning to the official debate over the “war on terrorism”?

    Malcolm Crompton     |      October 11, 2008

    The debate has been long on rhetoric and short on cold, hard analysis.  But it may be about to improve.

  • Collaboration is Key to Keeping Australians Safe Online

    Craig Scroggie     |      June 18, 2008

    As Web 2.0 technologies and the threat landscape continue to evolve, it’s now more important than ever that both private and public sectors join forces.

  • A shift in thinking

    Julie Inman - Grant     |      June 11, 2008

    While we all have our own safety guidance, coming together to consolidate these messages and working across sectors is critical to making impact with consumers.

  • Identity Management in New Zealand, CeBIT Australia and the Merry Month of May …

    Malcolm Crompton     |      May 28, 2008

    In the world of information governance and a fair go for the individual in dealings with business and government, how has it felt this month?

  • User Centric ID management – Heading for New Zealand

    Malcolm Crompton     |      April 19, 2008

    The upcoming identity conference in New Zealand is going to be a high spot for ID management in this part of the world; indeed anywhere.

  • If it’s public then it’s not private. Really?

    StephenWilson     |      March 19, 2008

    Can Metcalf's Law be applied to personal data management?

    It is often said that if data about someone is already in the public domain, then that information is no longer private. Sounds reasonable, but I reckon that can become an insidious furphy.

    "The data is already public" was the chief debating point advanced by proponents of searchable white pages. They argued that because publicly available paper white pages reveal everyone's phone numbers, surely having a searchable database didn't change anything. But a searchable digital white pages really is different. And not just quantitatively — it makes reversing names from numbers vastly more efficient — but also qualitatively.

    For one thing, the very act of searching generates new types of information, much of which is private (and commercially valuable). For instance, whomever owns the searchable white pages also gets to know stuff like who else is interested in my phone number, and why. The owner can synthesise brand new information, none of which is accessible to me, even though nothing other than my 'already public' number has been revealed.