• Federal government quashes Victoria’s foreign deals

    Michelle Grattan     |      April 23, 2021

    Foreign Minister Marise Payne has used new powers to end Victoria’s controversial trade agreements with China, Syria and Iran.

  • In the shadow of the dragon

    John West     |      March 30, 2021

    Sebastian Strangio’s new book argues the emergence of a more powerful and belligerent China poses the most serious foreign policy challenge that the Southeast Asian region has faced in a generation.

  • China fights for every drop of water

    Connor Dilleen     |      March 20, 2021

    China’s mega-dams are badly affecting other Asian nations dependent on natural river flows.

  • Supply chains critical to Taiwan’s security

    Open Forum     |      March 13, 2021

    While communist China works to isolate Taiwan in preparation for invasion, Taiwan’s vital importance to global technology supply chains offers another reason for the west, and the USA in particular, to defend it from attack.

  • The long winter ahead

    Andrew Carr     |      March 7, 2021

    The recent freeze in relations between Australia and China seems set to continue, with uncertain results for this country.

  • Judicial repression in Hong Kong

    Brendan Clift     |      February 21, 2021

    Communist China’s remorseless strangulation of freedom in Hong Kong extends to its courts as well as politics and security.

  • China’s Hitler or Stalin?

    Charlie Lyons Jones     |      February 20, 2021

    Xi Jinping’s assumption of total power, his brutal internal repression of dissent and increasingly naked aggression against neighbouring countries has drawn comparisons with both Hitler and Stalin, but which of the 20th century’s great dictators does this 21st century tyrant most resemble?

  • All eyes on Taiwan

    Malcolm Davis     |      February 15, 2021

    Having isolated Taiwan on the international stage through political and economic pressure, Communist China is stepping up ‘grey zone’ and military operations and seems intent on invasion.

  • The West must defend Taiwan

    Malcolm Davis     |      February 12, 2021

    To turn away from a fellow democracy under threat from an aggressive authoritarian neighbour would make a mockery of the values we advocate and lower our credibility in the eyes of many developing countries.

  • Countering China’s disinformation campaigns

    Yan Bennett     |      January 29, 2021

    China uses state-owned media outlets and social media to spread disinformation on Covid-19 and other current issues to discredit Western nations and it’s time for the free world to fight back.

  • We must stand with Taiwan

    Peter Jennings     |      January 28, 2021

    Communist China continues to ratchet up pressure on Taiwan with repeated incursions of its airspace, and the whole free world – including Australia – has a duty to stand steadfast in its defence.

  • China’s COVID origins cover-up

    Open Forum     |      January 15, 2021

    The Chinese Communist Party continues to resist attempts to investigate the origins of COVID-19 and persecute citizens who told the truth about it, while pushing falsehoods through its worldwide media machine.