• Victoria’s catchments may not recover from drought

    Open Forum     |      May 18, 2021

    A third of the water catchments included in a Victorian study had not recovered from a severe drought nearly eight years later, according to research undertaken by Monash University.

  • Australian states can help reduce emissions

    Don Henry     |      May 9, 2021

    Australia’s Victorian Government has set a reduced emissions target of between 45 and 50 per cent by 2030. However, a more co-ordinated effort is needed by the States and Federal Governments.

  • Five things we learned from the Biden Climate Summit

    Jacqueline Peel     |      April 29, 2021

    US President Joe Biden called on 40 world leaders to cut emissions during his Climate Summit – but what did we learn from the first virtual climate meeting of its kind?

  • Australia should bring ideas to Biden’s climate summit

    Michael Thomas     |      April 23, 2021

    Up to 40 world leaders, including Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, will participate in a two-day virtual leaders’ summit convened by US President Joe Biden and timed to coincide with Earth Day.

  • The security implications of climate change

    Cheryl Durrant     |      April 14, 2021

    A new report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute says the federal government has overlooked the national security threats of climate change.

  • The complexities of predicting the effects of climate change

    Ary Hoffmann     |      April 13, 2021

    Some of Australia’s iconic ecosystems are collapsing, which is likely exacerbated by climate change. But we must understand the dynamics of our ecosystems in order to protect them.

  • Words not action

    Open Forum     |      April 3, 2021

    When it comes to personal sacrifices, such as cutting meat consumption and reducing the use of fossil-fuel-powered cars, the sense of urgency around the climate crisis doesn’t convince people to change.

  • Sydney’s ocean hotspot

    Diane Nazaroff     |      March 30, 2021

    A UNSW analysis has found waters off Sydney, southern NSW and eastern Tasmania are demonstrating an accelerated warming trend.

  • Melbourne’s impact on climate change

    Sarah Marinos     |      March 21, 2021

    A new initiative bringing together multi-disciplinary climate change experts is focused on finding effective global solutions in Australia and beyond.

  • Putting a price on carbon

    Richard Holden     |      March 12, 2021

    For an orderly transition from fossil fuels, Australia needs a carbon price to replace its hodgepodge of clumsy government interventions.

  • Bushfires could change where and how we live

    Open Forum     |      February 26, 2021

    Climate change-driven extreme weather events, including devastating Australian bushfires, have created the urgent need for a new approach to planning and building in high fire risk areas and a shift to climate-resilient towns and cities.

  • A quieter world will ease climate change

    Lucy Griffin     |      February 18, 2021

    COVID lockdowns briefly brought quiet to our bustling cities, but noise pollution from traffic and machines could be reduced for good if electric vehicles become more common in an effort to reduce fossil fuel use and climate change.