• Long hot summer

    Open Forum     |      October 8, 2023

    Earth just had the hottest September on record – and by a record-breaking margin, according to a leading international dataset which is used by the World Meteorological Organization for its State of the Global Climate monitoring.

  • Climate change is undermining sustainable development

    Open Forum     |      September 17, 2023

    The failure of the world to meet agreed climate goals undermines global efforts to tackle hunger, poverty and ill-health, improve access to clean water and energy and many other aspects of sustainable development.

  • Could ‘post-growth’ climate policies meet the Paris targets?

    Open Forum     |      September 9, 2023

    While Australia’s emissions are no longer rising alongside economic growth, we need to be reducing emissions more than 30 times faster than we did from 2013-2019 to comply with the Paris Agreement, according to international researchers.

  • Weathering the storm

    Open Forum     |      August 19, 2023

    Weather-related disasters and climate change impacts are unravelling the fabric of society in the South-West Pacific, according to a new report from the World Meteorological Organization.

  • The world’s in hot water

    Alex Sen Gupta     |      August 17, 2023

    Marine heatwaves are becoming more frequent under global warming and this is having a significant impact on species’ ability to recover from them.

  • Integrating policy and climate action

    Anita Foerster     |      August 15, 2023

    State and Federal legislative obligations to integrate climate change into consideration of government decision-making could play an important role to help Australia achieve its international emission obligations.

  • The long road to net-zero

    Open Forum     |      July 18, 2023

    Australia will need to speed up and broaden its decarbonisation efforts to achieve net zero by 2050, according to the final report of the Net Zero Australia project.

  • Public fears grow over climate change

    Open Forum     |      July 15, 2023

    Two in three Australians are concerned about climate change’s long-term impact, significantly higher than two years ago according to a new Ipsos Climate Change Report. The Australians polled want action on renewable energy; and believe climate change is already causing more bushfires, storms and floods.

  • The Defence Strategic Review – A “Labor review” or just “Liberal light”?

    Ian Dunlop     |      June 27, 2023

    Climate change is the far greater, existential, threat we all face, requiring unprecedented global co-operation, not conflict. Instead of focusing purely on the risk of military conflict, major diplomatic efforts must be initiated to restore some level of trust between the West, China and other nations to achieve rapid emission reduction.

  • Climate change and the precautionary principle

    Bernie O'Kane     |      June 15, 2023

    Why does the world continue to dither and debate rather than react and respond to the existential threat of climate change?

  • The carbon capture conundrum

    Christina Ng     |      March 31, 2023

    Adding carbon capture and storage (CCS) to fossil-fired power plants may have unsustainable implications on electricity prices, with the public, businesses and governments likely to suffer the immense cost, according to a new report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

  • The burning horizon

    Robert Glasser     |      March 22, 2023

    The challenges posed by climate change are significant, but we have the technology, knowledge and resources to address them. Governments, businesses and individuals can still work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to the changing climate and build more resilient communities.