• Charting our way back to normal

    Tony Blakely     |      April 5, 2021

    A new web tool, COVID-19 Pandemic Trade-offs, allows people to weigh the costs and benefits of different policy responses as Australia rolls out vaccines and considers opening borders.

  • Australia’s bungled vaccine roll-out

    Stephen Duckett     |      April 4, 2021

    While Australia has done relatively well in containing the pandemic, the nation’s vaccine roll-out has lagged well behind the efforts of other countries.

  • Israel shows the way on vaccinations

    Richard Holden     |      March 22, 2021

    It’s not too late for Australia to repair our vaccine strategy, though we will never make up for the months lost.

  • Understanding COVID conspiracy theorists

    Open Forum     |      March 8, 2021

    COVID-19 conspiracy theorists are more concerned about their own health and less concerned about the health of others, according to a study led by University of Queensland researchers.

  • 10 lessons from the COVID crisis

    Open Forum     |      February 23, 2021

    Australia ranked eighth in the world ‘s Top 10 countries to manage their COVID-19 response well, with New Zealand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Cyprus, Rwanda and Iceland leading the way in an in-depth study by international experts.

  • The QAnon threat to Australia’s vaccine rollout

    Sam Williamson     |      February 10, 2021

    Australian QAnon followers have blended the original claims relating to satanic government cannibals and their imminent arrest with other discredited conspiracy theories, such as that 5G technology spreads coronavirus and that the global pandemic has been an orchestrated event.

  • How Canberra contained the pandemic

    Christian Porter     |      February 9, 2021

    Speaking at the GAP Summit on National Resilience, Australia’s Attorney-General the Hon Christian Porter reflected on the key decisions made by the Government to contain coronavirus, including the National Cabinet, border closures and proportionate lockdowns, before addressing future challenges.

  • Privacy and health: The lessons of COVID-19

    Paul Garrett     |      February 9, 2021

    Despite public support, the COVIDSafe app failed to reach its download target. So, what are the implications for future policies that need citizens to share information?

  • Could politicians be prosecuted for mishandling COVID-19?

    Open Forum     |      February 5, 2021

    A physician and executive editor of the British Medical Journal believes that politicians should be held accountable and prosecuted for botched responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Tracking COVID’s mental health impact via Twitter

    Open Forum     |      February 4, 2021

    Data scientists have analysed 94 million tweets from the first months of the pandemic to track COVID-19’s effect on mental health in NSW.

  • China and Russia aim to undermine free world COVID vaccines

    Ariel Bogle     |      January 23, 2021

    Propaganda campaigns by hostile nations aim to undermine vaccine uptake and trust in the public health agencies tasked to deal with ending the pandemic.

  • Lessons learned from the plague year

    Connor Bamford     |      January 19, 2021

    A year on, the COVID pandemic has proved the value of science and the importance of social solidarity in the face of a common threat.