• Standing together against economic coercion

    Naoise McDonagh     |      June 11, 2023

    Trusted supply-chains offer countries like Australia trade resilience and protection against economic coercion and Australia can trust its allies and partners when it comes to combating Chinese trade sanctions and economic coercion.

  • A more resilient food supply

    Andrew Henderson     |      May 18, 2023

    Australian agriculture is efficient, safe, and reliable and can play a large role in meeting growing demand in international markets.

  • How economic allies helped Australia evade China’s blockade

    David Uren     |      April 28, 2023

    China’s campaign of economic coercion against Australia failed because of support from other Asian trading partners who turned to Australia to secure their energy supplies.

  • Australia’s National Reconstruction Fund

    Jarryd Daymond     |      April 4, 2023

    Australia’s federal parliament has approved a A$15 billion National Reconstruction Fund to revitalise the nation’s dwindling manufacturing sector, so here are 3 ways to ensure it works.

  • Friendshoring

    Naoise McDonagh     |      April 2, 2023

    Greater organisation for the protection of critical minerals industries from economic coercion is on the agenda for major nations, with China’s actions providing a catalyst. A key platform for the agenda will be May’s G7 summit in Hiroshima.

  • Boosting productivity

    Open Forum     |      March 20, 2023

    Reforms to revitalise Australian productivity will be opposed by vested interests which benefit by exploiting economic inefficiencies for their own gain.

  • Six faces of globalisation

    Melissa Conley Tyler     |      February 16, 2023

    A new book, “Six Faces of Globalization”, discusses international trade, transnational corporations, great power competition, inequality and environmental issues in these dangerous, polorised times.

  • Australia 1 China 0

    David Uren     |      February 8, 2023

    It’s too soon to declare an end to China’s economic war against Australia, but the signs are all pointing in that direction, with the meeting between trade ministers of the two countries this week coinciding with the first shipments of Australian coal to China in two years.

  • The big tech slowdown

    Kate Bettes     |      February 6, 2023

    Major technology companies have sacked 85,000 workers so far in 2023. Kate Bettes asks UNSW Professor Barney Tan what this means for the industry – and the wider economy.

  • In search of ethical capitalism

    Michelle Grattan     |      January 29, 2023

    Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers has laid out an economic blueprint for pursuing “values-based capitalism”, involving public-private co-investment and collaboration and the renovation of key economic institutions and markets.

  • Rethinking the Reserve Bank of Australia

    Toby Carrodus     |      October 29, 2022

    Cryptocurrencies have revitalised the concept of private currencies and adopting ‘bank coins’ in Australia would allow market forces to temper the Reserve Bank’s mismanagement of the economy.

  • New ports of call for Australian goods

    David Uren     |      October 17, 2022

    China’s share of Australia’s trade is falling and being replaced by other trading partners in Asia, bringing important diversification to Australian markets.