• Creativity is key to arts, work and science

    Open Forum     |      July 24, 2020

    Australian schools and universities should increase their emphasis on teaching creativity, as new research shows it is a core competency across all disciplines and critical for ensuring future job success.

  • In defence of the humanities

    Sophie Mayo     |      July 21, 2020

    In part one of a three-part series, GAP research assistant and Arts Graduate Sophie Mayo weighs in on the HASS fee-increase debate, in defence of the humanities.

  • Graduates need better career education

    Jason Brown     |      July 3, 2020

    A deliberate and well-resourced strategy to support university students’ career education and boost links with industry will boost labour market productivity more effectively than higher prices for arts courses.

  • How COVID-19 challenged PhD students

    Khandakar Al Farid Uddin     |      July 2, 2020

    A new survey of Australian PhD research students finds that 90% said the pandemic had affected their continuing research, while 70% thought their planned research outcome would be severely affected.

  • Why business backs the humanities

    Susan Forde     |      June 22, 2020

    Understanding the humanities, social sciences and human communication holds the key to a viable future, and increasing the price of such degrees could hit our business competitiveness.

  • What price the arts?

    Open Forum     |      June 21, 2020

    Government proposals to increase the cost of arts and humanities degrees to encourage more students to study STEM and vocational subjects have not found favour with University arts departments.

  • A new partnership could revitalise our universities

    Michael Shoebridge     |      June 20, 2020

    The time is right for a new discussion between the government and universities on the future of the sector to re-establish the centrality of our universities for Australia’s wellbeing, prosperity and security.

  • Taking child therapy online

    Sherry Landow     |      June 17, 2020

    A real-world trial has tested the effectiveness – and revealed the challenges – of adapting behavioural therapy to the online world.

  • Education in extreme times

    David Browning     |      June 17, 2020

    While the desire for a return to business-as-usual – or curriculum-as-usual – is understandable, COVID-19 is an opportunity for educators to re-think the relationship between school and life.

  • How will COVID affect pre-schoolers?

    Mira Vasileva     |      June 10, 2020

    A new survey is looking to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on younger kids – and why it’s important not to assume that they will simply bounce back.

  • Assessing COVID’s impact on pre-schooler mental health

    Open Forum     |      June 5, 2020

    The mental health of Australian pre-schoolers will be assessed in a survey on how they and their families are coping with coronavirus.

  • Australian universities should rethink their broken business model

    Marcus Hellyer     |      May 29, 2020

    COVID-19 offers Australian universities a one-time opportunity to rethink their currently failing business model, which appears to be built on greed and scale rather than a real commitment to offering a high-quality educational and life experience.