• Youtube offers a diet of nonsense on climate change

    Open Forum     |      August 3, 2019

    Most YouTube videos on climate change prevention and geo-engineering are at odds with the scientific consensus and hijack technical terms to appear credible.

  • Protecting our last native grasslands

    Mike Letnic     |      August 1, 2019

    The Monaro grasslands are a tiny surviving fraction of the native grasslands that once grew across the Southern Tablelands, but even these are now threatened by farmers.

  • More urban trees will help combat climate change

    Alessandro Ossola     |      July 27, 2019

    We all need to plant more trees to beautify our grey cities and cool our suburbs during heatwaves but the right species must be chosen to tolerate the heat and lack of water in urban areas affected by climate change.

  • Backyard scientists called up for possum patrol

    Open Forum     |      July 26, 2019

    Australia has 27 types of possums and gliders, but almost a quarter are threatened and many more are declining. Researchers from the Threatened Species Recovery Hub are calling on the community to be backyard scientists and record sightings in a new, free app.

  • Current climate warming is the worst for 2,000 years

    Open Forum     |      July 26, 2019

    Recent warming events have been unmatched in the past 2,000 years, according to international and Australian researchers who analysed climate data in a series of research papers.

  • A woody meadow blooms in the heart of the city

    Claire Bolge     |      July 25, 2019

    A unique research project by the Universities of Melbourne and Sheffield aims to grow urban meadows that are as tough as they are beautiful.

  • Bugs v mosquitoes

    Ary Hoffmann     |      July 21, 2019

    The Wolbachia bacteria has successfully suppressed dengue-fever carrying mosquitoes in a trial, but more work is needed to understand how the insects move to infest new areas.

  • Future proofing our health system one young doctor at a time

    Georgia Behrens     |      July 17, 2019

    The effects of climate change on people’s health will pose a new challenge to the next generation of doctors.

  • Planting trees to save the planet

    Mark Maslin     |      July 8, 2019

    Restoring the world’s forests on an unprecedented scale may be the best climate change solution available. Covering 900m hectares of land with trees could store up to two thirds of the carbon that humans have released into the atmosphere.

  • Marine reserves help fishermen as well as fish

    Dustin Marshall     |      July 7, 2019

    Properly observed marine sanctuaries for fish around Australia could benefit fishermen as well as the ocean’s dwindling stocks of wild fish by helping to boost fish numbers.

  • Mimicking nature’s own plastic to reduce man-made pollution

    Andrew Trounson     |      July 5, 2019

    Amino acid is the building block of life and researchers are aiming to use them as the basis to chemically produce compostable plastics to help address our worsening plastic waste problem.

  • Hedging against climate change

    Open Forum     |      July 5, 2019

    Researchers from Macquarie University and Western Sydney University have assessed whether the trees that characterise our urban landscapes will be resilient to our changing climate over the next 50 years.