• Who gives a flying fox?

    Max Thomas     |      December 23, 2019

    Flying Foxes or Fruit Bats are fascinating native creatures but nobody welcomes them to their neighbourhood.

  • Protecting the last refuges of nature

    Open Forum     |      December 21, 2019

    Logging, land clearing and development continue to ravage Australia’s natural environments, and even supposedly protected areas are increasingly open to assault by commercial interests.

  • Sydney’s desalination plant proves a good plaice for fish

    Open Forum     |      December 20, 2019

    Australia’s fast-growing cities may come to increasingly rely on desalinated water as long term drought grips the country. New research, led by Southern Cross University, has found an unexpected benefit at the Sydney Desalination Plant as its discharge of excess salty water attracts lots of fish.

  • Up close and personal with White Island

    Ian Rae     |      December 15, 2019

    While getting close to the awesome power of nature is a big draw for tourism, the eruption on White Island reminds us of the very real risks.

  • Better building planning can help combat bushfires

    Open Forum     |      December 15, 2019

    As fires ravage the east coast of Australia, a QUT expert has called for an urgent review of planning regulations which make the situation worse.

  • How Australia can help curb illegal fishing

    Xuan Dung Phan     |      December 10, 2019

    Australia’s status as a trusted ‘middle power’ can help it combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in Pacific waters.

  • More clouds could mean less rain in Australia

    Kim Reid     |      December 6, 2019

    A giant, continent-sized cloud that dumps rain from Broome to Hobart has increased in frequency over the past 33 years, but its impact may not be what you expect.

  • A splash of green can banish the blues

    Kathleen Wolf     |      December 5, 2019

    Urban greening is emerging as a key part of the solution to some of our major health and environmental challenges.  Here are eight ways to bring a little bit of nature to our city lives.  

  • Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

    Malini Sur     |      November 23, 2019

    The dust and smoke blanketing our cities challenges our usual ways of thinking about bush, farm, industry, rich city and poor city divides.

  • We’re not powerless in the face of bushfires

    Paul Read     |      November 15, 2019

    The fires devastating Australia – and other regions of the world – are a direct or indirect consequence of human actions, and so we also have the power to prevent them, if we choose to act.

  • The great outdoors

    Open Forum     |      November 14, 2019

    Australia’s national parks are worth about $145 billion a year in the improved mental health of their visitors, according to initial estimates published by a team of Griffith University researchers.

  • The burning season

    Open Forum     |      November 12, 2019

    The early-season bushfires in Queensland and NSW and ‘catastrophic’ conditions around Sydney are a worrying sign of more to come over the summer.