• Dingoes and tourists will never mix

    Open Forum     |      April 28, 2019

    The Queensland Government has just announced the doubling of fines for intentionally feeding dingoes but a reduction in visitor numbers is also required to protect tourists on Fraser Island.

  • Climate migration policies need to focus on local solutions

    Daniel Fitzpatrick     |      April 27, 2019

    There is a pressing need for more information on local migration and displacement in order to develop better policies that limit discrimination, poverty and political destabilisation in the Pacific region.

  • Let’s stop logging for landfill

    Chris Taylor     |      April 24, 2019

    Almost all native forest logging in Victoria is for woodchips, pulp and pallets, which have short lifespans before going to landfill. Using plantation produced wood would help protect native forests and the large amounts of carbon they can store.

  • A wombat, a koala and a rabbit walk into a burrow…

    Claudia Hooper     |      April 23, 2019

    Camera traps are amazing tools that allow researchers to peek into the lives of shy marsupials, but sometimes the animals they ‘capture’ are surprising.

  • Digging into Australia’s deep history

    Michael Bird     |      April 21, 2019

    The Australian continent has a remarkable history — a story of isolation, desiccation and resilience as an ark at the edge of the world.

  • Rewilding Australia

    Menna Jones     |      April 20, 2019

    Rewilding is gaining popularity around the world, as a means to restore ecosystems to their ancient state. But just like Vegemite, Australian rewilding projects need to have a unique flavour.

  • 10 action items for NSW’s Minister for public spaces

    Kurt Iveson     |      April 17, 2019

    With the re-election of the Berejiklian government, New South Wales now has a minister for public spaces, Rob Stokes. Here are 10 things he can do to improve the state’s communities.

  • Shark bite research reveals politicians’ fishy behaviour

    Open Forum     |      April 17, 2019

    More than a decade’s worth of research has revealed how politicians manipulate highly emotional incidents like shark bites to influence public sentiment and protect their own interests.

  • The environmental picture looks bleak, but change is still possible

    Pedro Fidelman     |      April 16, 2019

    The world is on the brink of creating irreversible damage to the environment if better policy isn’t rolled out, but while there’s a lot of bad news in the UN Global Environment Outlook, a sustainable future is still possible.

  • Preventing more fish deaths in the lower Darling

    Simon Mitrovic     |      April 15, 2019

    A new report for the government that investigates the causes of the recent mass fish deaths in the lower Darling River finds climate change and water access agreements helped create a deadly mix.

  • A scientist, an island and 38 million pieces of plastic

    Open Forum     |      April 8, 2019

    Two years after revealing that one of the world’s most remote islands was littered with plastic waste, IMAS scientist Dr Jennifer Lavers is leading an expedition to clean up its beaches.

  • 2018 was an environmental disaster

    Shoshana Rapley     |      April 7, 2019

    Environmental news is rarely good. But even by those low standards, 2018 was especially worrying, with a succession of problems threatening our health and livelihoods as well as Mother Nature.