• Droughts, extreme weather and empowered consumers mean tough choices for farmers

    Steve Hatfield-Dodds     |      March 8, 2019

    Achieving the best for agriculture, our rural communities and the national economy will require tough choices as environmental concerns increasingly shape public attitudes and consumer choices towards destructive farming practises.

  • Climate change in court

    Laura Schuijers     |      March 6, 2019

    A recent court ruling could signal a new direction for Australian climate law after a proposed fossil fuel development was rejected on the grounds of its climate, as well as local, impact.

  • Hang on to your balloons to save our seabirds

    Open Forum     |      March 5, 2019

    While recent bans on plastic bags have helped reduce one source of marine plastic pollution, it is balloons and their fragments which pose the biggest risk to turtles and seabirds.

  • Tackling climate change could boast economic growth

    Ben Knight     |      March 2, 2019

    Australia could become a world leader in combating climate change by implementing local technologies.

  • Australia’s ten most damaging invasive species

    Jaana Dielenberg     |      February 26, 2019

    Research has shown that invasive or pest species are a major problem for four out of five Australian threatened species, with rabbits, feral pigs and cats among the most destructive introduced animals.

  • A sharp new solution for waste glass

    Open Forum     |      February 25, 2019

    A new process for turning broken glass into everyday products could save tens of millions of tonnes of glass from being dumped in landfill every year.

  • The difficult balancing act in the Murray Darling Basin

    Phil Eberbach     |      February 21, 2019

    Low inflows of water into the Murray-Darling system and heavy agricultural extraction have contributed to the cataclysmic fish-kills of recent times, and better management of the system is required to avoid a repetition.

  • Preserved leaves tell a tale of floods and drought

    Open Forum     |      February 20, 2019

    A study by University of Adelaide researchers and Queensland Government scientists has revealed what south-east Queensland’s rainfall was like over the last 7000 years – including several severe droughts worse and longer lasting than the 12-year Millennium Drought.

  • Insect populations face catastrophic collapse

    Open Forum     |      February 19, 2019

    A research review into the worrying decline of global insect populations has revealed the catastrophic threat posed to 40 percent of species over the next 100 years, with butterflies, moths, dragonflies, bees, ants and dung beetles most at risk.

  • Saving Shark Bay

    Ana Martins Sequeira     |      February 14, 2019

    Safeguarding Shark Bay from the effects of climate change requires a coordinated research and management effort from government, local industry, academic institutions, not-for-profits and local Indigenous groups – before any irreversible ecosystem tipping points are reached.

  • Scotdesco steps up to combat climate change

    Gabriel Haros     |      February 13, 2019

    A national climate action summit to highlight the work of the Scotdesco Aboriginal Community in a successful soil carbon project at Bookabie should attract the support of the nation’s politicians and help revitalise the climate change debate.

  • The grass is only greener when the rain falls in spring

    Open Forum     |      February 12, 2019

    It has long been assumed there would be at least one significant benefit to rising carbon dioxide levels – extra growth in the world’s grasslands – but other factors have to align for this to happen.