• A better future for our children

    Open Forum     |      February 23, 2020

    As climate and commercial threats intensify, a major new report calls for a new global movement to reduce CO2 emissions, achieve sustainable development, regulate commercial marketing and improve policy and investment for children’s rights and health.

  • Natural’s not in it

    Daryl Holland     |      February 18, 2020

    Many Australians blame our variable climate for the recent drought and bushfires but researchers know these ‘acts of God’ are not natural at all, particularly when it comes to the effects of agricultural water extraction.

  • After the flood

    Max Thomas     |      February 11, 2020

    The heavy rain of recent days has extinguished bushfires and brought relief to drought-stricken farmers and city catchments, but the sediment washed from damaged land will bring its own set of problems.

  • Understanding our crazy weather

    Rob Warren     |      February 9, 2020

    What do the wild weather extremes of recent weeks, not least in Sydney and Melbourne, tell us about our changing climate?

  • Mitigating mining emissions

    Open Forum     |      February 5, 2020

    University of Queensland researchers have developed a framework that aims to reduce the mining industry’s impact on climate change by accounting for sources and sinks of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • A fire too far?

    Lauren Bennett     |      February 2, 2020

    Australia’s trees have evolved with fire, and most need some fire for renewal, but repeated intense fires of recent years are straining their ability to recover.  

  • Get snappy to help bushfire recovery

    Open Forum     |      February 1, 2020

    UNSW Sydney researchers are urging citizen scientists to use their mobile phones for a good cause: to monitor the recovery of bushfire-affected plants and animals for the Environment Recovery Project which will inform future research.

  • Volunteers and good science must partner for bushland recovery

    Open Forum     |      January 27, 2020

    University of South Australia ecologist Joan Gibbs describes the day that fires devastated her 70 acre property at Cudlee Creek. One month on, it is already showing signs of recovery.

  • Avoiding the “insect apocalypse”

    Open Forum     |      January 21, 2020

    Claims last year that we were in the midst of an ‘insect apocalypse’ may have been overblown, but international researchers – including some from New Zealand and Australia – say there is still cause for concern.

  • Redesigning Centennial Park to care for Australia’s endangered animals

    Heidi Harrington Johnson     |      January 20, 2020

    A UNSW studio led by renowned landscape architect Professor Richard Weller has suggested a unique way to protect our threatened species.

  • Using maths against the bushfires

    Adam Phelan     |      January 19, 2020

    UNSW Canberra extreme bushfire researcher and mathematical scientist, Professor Jason Sharples, has dedicated his career to understanding the complex behaviour of bushfires.

  • Out of the ashes

    Open Forum     |      January 18, 2020

    Rather than an untidy mess, fire-damaged trees and half burnt logs left behind by a fire are valuable habitat for recovering wildlife, according to a group of leading Australian environmental scientists.