• By gum

    Gregory Moore     |      October 12, 2023

    As climate change intensifies, city planners are looking for resilient street trees able to provide cooling shade in a hotter climate such as the Spotted Gum.

  • More food with fewer emissions

    Alan Stevenson     |      October 4, 2023

    Agriculture generates about a quarter of the world’s total greenhouse emissions but new research shows it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, agriculture could become not carbon neutral, but carbon negative in a couple of decades.

  • Rethinking rice

    Alan Stevenson     |      September 26, 2023

    Rice is a staple crop feeding much of the world’s population, but new cultivation methods which require less water, preserve the soil and reduce carbon emissions will be required in a hotter, drier world transformed by climate change.

  • The negatives of ‘nature positive’

    Martine Maron     |      September 26, 2023

    The “nature positive” slogan adopted by companies and developers all too often greenwashes their activities without affecting their profits or business models, with dubious paper offsets no recompense for the environmental damage they cause.

  • Greening the desert

    Open Forum     |      September 25, 2023

    Growing plants that have adapted to desert life could help naturally capture and store carbon, according to a perspective piece by international researchers.

  • Beyond a boundary

    Katherine Richardson     |      September 24, 2023

    Mankind has been wiping out species and changing the landscape since the last ice age, but the sheer weight of our impact on the planet threatens to breach the boundaries of its ability to sustain us.

  • The high cost of feral invasion

    Open Forum     |      September 11, 2023

    Humans have wiped thousands of species from the face of the Earth, but have also spread other animals and plants around the world to wreak havoc on natural eco-systems.

  • Controlling the feral cat menace

    Open Forum     |      September 8, 2023

    The Invasive Species Council and the Biodiversity Council have welcomed the release by the federal government of a draft Threat Abatement Plan for Feral Cats for public consultation.

  • Indigenous knowledge can combat fire

    Alan Stevenson     |      September 2, 2023

    After a couple of damp summers, the forecast of a long, hot summer and a high risk of bushfires is increasing interest in indigenous methods to reduce the risk to people and communities.

  • Fire down below

    Ben Knight     |      August 22, 2023

    The recent devastation caused by wildfires across Europe and Hawaii has sparked concerns about the return of catastrophic bushfires in Australia, but despite the forecast of a hotter, drier summer, a repeat of recent ‘black summers’ appears unlikely.

  • Outfoxing the foxes

    Open Forum     |      August 18, 2023

    In an experiment conducted in south-eastern Australia, where introduced red foxes are responsible for countless wildlife deaths, a team of researchers from the Australian National University and University of South Australia have played a clever trick to outwit the predators.

  • A world on fire

    Open Forum     |      August 14, 2023

    Extreme wildfires across the globe have the potential to exacerbate climate change and, in turn, lead to more dangerous fires. It is critical that the global community urgently takes action to limit the effects of climate change and better manage extreme fires.