• Every spot of green counts

    Open Forum     |      July 13, 2021

    Even the humble roadside verge plays an important role in the environment and for our health, according to an Australian and international study of parks and gardens.

  • Mapping global pesticide pollution

    Open Forum     |      July 6, 2021

    A global map of agricultural land across 168 countries has revealed that 64 percent of land used for agriculture and food crops is at risk of pesticide pollution.

  • Nature is a public good

    Philippa England     |      July 3, 2021

    As the health of Australia’s environment continues to decline, the federal government is wagering on the ability of private markets to help solve the problem. So is this a wise move? The evidence is not at all encouraging.

  • Protecting Melbourne’s ‘green wedges’

    Janet Stanley     |      July 3, 2021

    The natural areas of Melbourne are under increasing threat despite growing evidence of their importance for people as well as wildlife.

  • Back from the dead

    Open Forum     |      July 1, 2021

    Museum genomics reveal a mouse thought to have been extinct for over 160 years has been living under a different name this whole time.

  • Sing in your chains like the sea

    Open Forum     |      June 26, 2021

    The use of submerged cages may be the answer the aquaculture industry is looking for, a new Griffith University-led review has found.

  • A voyage through our changing ocean

    Diane Nazaroff     |      June 23, 2021

    Scientists have studied the impacts of a warmer, stronger East Australian Current on marine life during a voyage along the east coast.

  • Why it’s ok to feed the birds

    Darryl Jones     |      June 20, 2021

    Feeding the birds is encouraged in Britain and across the northern hemisphere, yet Australian authorities frown on the practice for no good reason. Feeding birds in the right ways can help strengthen our connections with the natural world in our ever more urbanised cities.

  • Crocodile country

    Open Forum     |      June 15, 2021

    A new species of large prehistoric crocodile that roamed south-east Queensland’s waterways millions of years ago has been documented by University of Queensland researchers.

  • The cost of everything and the value of nothing

    Jessica Holz     |      June 10, 2021

    Oscar Wilde defined cynics as those who “know the price of everything and the value of nothing” but the cynical destruction of our vital eco-systems might be slowed by putting a financial value on their retention.

  • Meet Australia’s largest dinosaur

    Open Forum     |      June 8, 2021

    What’s as long a basketball court, taller than a giant truck and has just stomped into the record books as Australia’s largest dinosaur?

  • Wild horses

    Open Forum     |      June 7, 2021

    Deputy Premier John Barilaro has proven firsthand that his Kosciuszko feral horse protection law is an environmental, political and cultural failure,” according to a “Reclaim Kosci” spokesman.