• Holidays from nothing

    Monica Thielking     |      September 16, 2021

    Children in New South Wales are facing two weeks of ‘holidays’ from online learning. The best way to help them enjoy it might be to do nothing at all.

  • When two hearts beat as one

    Open Forum     |      September 15, 2021

    People unconsciously synchronize bodily functions like heartbeat and breathing when they share an experience, such as a live performance or a personal conversation, according to new research.

  • Marriage for the modern age

    Alan Stevenson     |      July 24, 2021

    Although societies around the world have diverged and changed radically over the ages, marriage has remained a constant theme. Given our lengthening life expectancies, are further reforms required?

  • Is your love life an open (Face)book?

    Jorja Fraser     |      July 14, 2021

    Researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s School of Health and Biomedical Sciences are looking for your help with a new project examining issues of jealousy and surveillance on the Facebook social media platform.

  • Face to face

    Tyne Sumner     |      July 11, 2021

    New research looks at how the human face is represented in writing from the medieval to contemporary eras, revealing how we have interpreted human emotion for centuries.

  • Hola, salut, hello, ciao

    Ben Knight     |      July 11, 2021

    There’s never been a better time to start learning another language, and there could be some unexpected upsides.

  • The view from the balcony

    Zivit Inbar     |      July 7, 2021

    A fresh way of thinking, a more holistic view, a new way of leading are required to see us all thriving sustainably for the long term.

  • Drawing a blank

    Thomas Andrillon     |      July 3, 2021

    Rather than a binary on-off state, a new study examines how sleep and wakefulness can be intermingled in the human brain.

  • Measuring creativity

    Margaret Webb     |      June 29, 2021

    How do you go about measuring the multifaceted and unique human quality that is creativity without killing it completely? New research aims to do just that.

  • Have use-by dates reached their sell-by date?

    Cecilia Duong     |      June 8, 2021

    Next time you’re about to throw food in the rubbish, you should double check the date on it first. Food safety experts say some labelling is confusing – and you could be throwing out food that is actually still perfectly safe to eat.

  • Daniel Kahneman on ‘noise’

    Ben Newell     |      June 2, 2021

    Daniel Kahneman’s new book presents several compelling cases from business, medicine, and criminal justice in which judgments appear to vary for no “good” reason.

  • ‘Talking under water’ with the Red Cross

    Brendan Nicholson     |      May 27, 2021

    Kath Stewart served as Australian Army officer on peacekeeping missions and as an official from the International Committee of the Red Cross with just her wits, experience and negotiating skills to calm violent situations.