• The NSW building certification bill lets developers off the hook

    Geoff Hanmer     |      March 9, 2020

    Most buyers would happily pay a bit more for a safe and durable product, but new legislation in NSW will do little to protect them.

  • Car parks?

    Ben Knight     |      March 7, 2020

    As public space becomes premium in our cities, could boutique sidewalk activations known as parklets be the solution?

  • What are four bins for?

    Jenni Downes     |      March 6, 2020

    Four bins might help the sorting of recycled rubbish in Victoria, but to solve our waste crisis we need a strong market for recycled products.

  • The high rise future of city living

    Ben Knight     |      February 29, 2020

    Internationally acclaimed architect, urban designer, UNSW alumna Zhizhe Yu explores a multi-planetary and people-centric approach to high-rise urbanism.

  • Rethink before rebuilding

    Open Forum     |      February 25, 2020

    Suburban planning models are not suitable for bushland – so why would we continue to rebuild with them after the damage wrought by this summer’s devastating bushfires? 

  • Australian housing needs a shake-up

    Hal Pawson     |      February 21, 2020

    Millions of Australians are struggling with unaffordable housing. It’s a systemic problem that’s been decades in the making, and only concerted system-wide reforms will fix it.

  • How smart is your city?

    Karen Vella     |      February 19, 2020

    The Australian government’s City and Regional Deals and funding through the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program are beginning to make Australian cities ‘smarter’, but disparities in performance remain.

  • A hard day’s night

    Michele Acuto     |      February 3, 2020

    While most people go home at night after a hard day’s work, almost 10% of Australian workers are employed at night, helping to keep the country running while the rest of us relax or sleep.

  • Tiny houses may not be the big answer

    Ben Knight     |      January 31, 2020

    There has been significant growth in small house living, but that doesn’t mean Australia should “go big” on them in terms of overall housing policy.

  • Building better after the bushfires

    Diane Nazaroff     |      January 25, 2020

    Rebuilding the homes lost to bushfires offers an opportunity to use more resilient designs, but some areas may be better abandoned, given Australia’s fast changing climate conditions.

  • Do we need a bushfire royal commission?

    Paul Barnes     |      January 17, 2020

    The prime minister has announced that the cabinet will consider a royal commission into aspects of the ongoing fire disaster once the bushfires are under control, so how might this be organised to ensure it produces results?

  • The bushfire threat to drinking water

    Sherry Landow     |      January 12, 2020

    Regional and metropolitan areas around NSW are facing water quality concerns in the face of the bushfire crisis.