• Building resilience in remote Aboriginal students

    Open Forum     |      January 19, 2022

    More than 1,000 students and teachers from remote Northern Territory schools are implementing a new Skills for Life resilience programme.

  • Supermarket shelves run empty – again

    Flavio Macau     |      January 10, 2022

    Australia has experienced plenty of supermarket shortages since the COVID pandemic began, but the current shortages are caused by staff absences, rather than a lack of goods or panic buying.

  • Supply chains strained in 2022

    Sarah Schiffling     |      January 10, 2022

    Supermarket shelves around Australia are running bare again as staff shortages caused by omicron bite, but around the world, more fundamental supply chain problems are set to persist well into the new year.

  • We’ll still need resilience in 2022

    Open Forum     |      January 9, 2022

    Thanks to the pandemic, 2021 was characterised by family, social and financial dislocation, but strengths built through adversity will help us cope individually and collectively in an uncertain start to 2022.

  • Made in Australia

    Michael Shoebridge     |      December 21, 2021

    From covid vaccines to guided missiles, it’s important that Australia develops domestic production capacity to reduce our resilience on uncertain global supply chains.

  • All I want for Christmas is supply chain resilience

    Christopher Findlay     |      December 17, 2021

    The higher costs and lower reliability of international freight transport have been a problem since the start of COVID-19, and increased demand over Christmas could further strain supply chains.

  • AdBlue shortage highlights ongoing supply-chain problems

    Gillian Savage     |      December 15, 2021

    Supply-chain challenges continue to plague Australia despite the significant focus the problem has received in recent years due to the pandemic and issues with China.

  • Mobilising for resilience

    Joanne Nicholson     |      October 19, 2021

    Mobilising society, rather than individual institutions, will be required to face a range of threats from war, grey-zone conflict, terrorism and organised crime to domestic and offshore natural disasters.

  • Australia – A complacent nation

    John Blackburn     |      October 5, 2021

    Lead author of the final report from the GAP/IIER-A National Resilience Initiative John Blackburn AO introduces the recommendations of an 18-month long project which brought together over 250 Australian experts to examine the nation’s resilience in the face of a changing world.

  • Australian sovereignty requires new thinking on investment and trade

    Gillian Savage     |      September 14, 2021

    Economic policy should be positioned alongside security, sovereignty and resilience through a more holistic nation-building agenda that invests in what we’re good at, values what we have and builds the future we want.

  • Small towns need big focus on resilience

    Ben Knight     |      August 12, 2021

    Supporting regional communities to respond to the increasing threat of climate-fuelled disasters has never been more vital.

  • The perfect storm of global vulnerability?

    Tony Charge     |      July 30, 2021

    A new approach to national risk-management is required, given the increasing range and complexity of environmental and other threats to this country.