• Space and national security

    Brett Biddington     |      November 23, 2017

    Space is an inherently ‘dual use’ – meaning space technologies have both military and civil/commercial application. CEO of the recent International Astronautical Congress Brett Biddington AM considers this dynamic on the development of a national space agency.

  • Understanding the Global Navigation Satellite System

    Ben Southwell     |      November 22, 2017

    Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is an umbrella term encompassing all global systems including GPS. There just so happens to be a GNSS hotspot over Australia. Ben Southwell from the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER) explains the term and how it relates to potential growth in our space capabilities.

  • The social impact of a national space agency

    Solange Cunin     |      November 13, 2017

    Talk about the Australian Space Agency has moved quickly onto the impact for the economy and society. Founder of STEM space program Cuberider Solange Cunin discusses how a national space agency will impact our youth and their education.

  • The International Astronautical Congress: An IPC Co-Chair’s Perspective

    Naomi Mathers     |      November 8, 2017

    Each year the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) attracts the world’s space leaders to discuss new advancements in the space industry. This year the Adelaide Convention Centre hosted more than 4500 IAC delegates from around the world from the 25th – 29th September. Deputy Chair of the Space Industry Association of Australia Dr Naomi Mathers shares her thoughts on the Congress.

  • Australian Space Initiative report released

    editor     |      October 3, 2017

    A Space Industry Taskforce organised by Global Access Partners advocates the creation of a commercially focused national space agency in its own report, submitted to the Australian Government in August.

  • Federal Government Announces Space Agency

    Open Forum     |      September 26, 2017

    After years of lobbying from the nation’s scientists and space industry advocates, the Australian Government has announced the establishment of a National Space Agency.

  • Australian Defence Industry: Our National Endeavour

    The Honourable Christopher Pyne MP     |      September 13, 2017

    Entrepreneurial midsize businesses will be crucial to our future wellbeing. The Honourable Christopher Pyne MP addressed the recent Global Access Partners Summit, discussing the opportunities and challenges facing midsize business and how we can work together to grow our defence industry to support the twin goals of national security and economic prosperity.