• Give Ukraine the jets it needs to win

    Matthew Sussex     |      May 26, 2023

    15 months after Russia’s invasion, the West remains curiously and shamefully reluctant to give Ukraine the fighter jets it needs to reclaim its own airspace and drive out the invaders.

  • Thug life

    Matthew Sussex     |      May 17, 2023

    Vladimir Putin’s search for scapegoats for his humiliating failure to subdue Ukraine risks sparking a civil war with the brutal mercenary gang he has relied upon to do his dirty work.

  • Stand with Ukraine

    Frank Ledwidge     |      May 14, 2023

    The Ukrainian people have shown incredible courage and fortitude in resisting Russia’s barbarous invasion, and are now beginning the drive the invaders back east, so now is the time to redouble the West’s military and diplomatic support and pledge Ukraine’s eventual membership of the EU and NATO.

  • Tightening the noose

    Aaron Fichtelberg     |      May 11, 2023

    Putin’s “Victory Parade” mustered just one ancient tank this year as his badly led, poorly equipped and thoroughly demoralised troops and mercenaries retreated in Ukraine. However much he denies it, Putin is losing in Ukraine and defeat may cost him more than personal humiliation.

  • Counterstrike

    Matthew Sussex     |      May 5, 2023

    Russia’s blundering and brutal assault on Ukraine has ground to a halt, but the West must keep arming Ukraine to ensure its plans to counter-attack succeed and drive the Russians from their country.

  • The long war

    Stefan Wolff     |      April 16, 2023

    The West’s continued reluctance to confront Russia’s aggression in Ukraine or give Ukraine the jets, tanks and missiles it needs to destroy the invaders is dooming the country to a long and bloody stalemate.

  • Deportees

    Darius von Guttner Sporzynski     |      April 9, 2023

    The International Criminal Court has called Russia’s systematic deportation of Ukrainian children a war crime, and Russia and the Soviet Union have a long and dreadful history of weaponising deportation.

  • Defeating Russia’s cyber-war against the West

    Kaja Kallas     |      April 8, 2023

    Estonia’s prime minister, Kaja Kallas, argued that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has highlighted the importance of securing democracies against malicious cyber actors in her recent address to ASPI’s Sydney Dialogue. This is an edited transcript of her speech.

  • Russia’s shadow war

    Matthew Sussex     |      April 7, 2023

    The leak of 5,000 documents from Russia’s Vulkan group has exposed the ways Vladimir Putin’ wages cyber-war against the west.

  • Ecocide in Ukraine

    Robert Patman     |      April 6, 2023

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has seen the deliberate destruction of Ukraine’s natural environment as a tactic of war, with no concern paid to their widespread, long-term and severe effects.

  • Russia’s forever war

    Stephen Hall     |      April 3, 2023

    Russia expected to crush, annex and absorb Ukraine in a matter of days, but after a year of dogged struggle, the Kremlin is now changing its tune and warning of a ‘forever war’.

  • Buffoonery in Belarus

    Adam Cabot     |      April 1, 2023

    Vladimir Putin’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine has not only humiliated his army and isolated his country, but pushed Sweden and Finland into the arms of NATO. Putin’s threat to move tactical nuclear weapons into his ‘mini me’ vassal of Belarus will only harden the resolve of democratic nations to oppose him.