• Send in the clowns

    Peter Tesch     |      June 27, 2023

    The one thing a mafia boss can’t afford is to look weak in the eyes of his subordinates, and the ludicrous events in Russia over recent days exposed much about the sordid realities of Putin’s teetering regime.

  • The world’s weakest strong man

    Matthew Sussex     |      June 26, 2023

    The weekend’s farcical events in Russia suggest that the political end for an increasingly rattled Vladimir Putin is approaching fast.

  • Both sides lost this game of chicken

    Tracey German     |      June 26, 2023

    Yevgeny Prigozhin’s abortive coup against the Russian military fizzled out over the weekend with both sides chickening out of confrontation, but the fragmentation and in-fighting in Russia will only increase as a result.

  • On to Moscow

    Peter Rutland     |      June 22, 2023

    Whether or not the Ukraine counteroffensive that began in early June 2023 succeeds in dislodging Russian troops from all the occupied territory, there are growing signs that the push has Moscow worried.

  • After the flood

    Christopher Morris     |      June 10, 2023

    Just as Saddam Hussain ignited Kuwait’s oil wells to frustrate the allied advance and destroy the assets he sought to gain through invasion, so the Russian flooding of Southern Ukraine betrays the ‘scorched Earth’ approach of a defeated and retreating army.

  • Damning evidence of Russia’s desperation

    Stefan Wolff     |      June 8, 2023

    Russia’s cynical destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam aims to delay Ukraine’s much-anticipated counter-offensive to liberate Kherson in Southern Ukraine, and reveals both Putin’s brutality and desperation.

  • Putin’s cannon fodder

    Charlie Walker     |      June 4, 2023

    Russia’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine has cost its army thousands of men, and Putin’s attempts to persuade more recruits to face death in the trenches are falling on deaf ears around the country.

  • Ukraine takes the fight to Moscow

    Stefan Wolff     |      June 3, 2023

    Russia has bombarded Ukrainian cities for over a year, but the recent drone strikes on Moscow show that Ukraine has both the capacity and will to strike back at the heart of its enemy invader.

  • The tide turns for Ukraine

    Adam Simpson     |      May 31, 2023

    There’s a long way to go, and there’s no guarantee that Putin, having made the terrible decision to invade in the first place, won’t make another terrible decision in escalating the conflict, but Ukraine is winning this war.

  • Zelensky’s charm offensive

    Tetyana Malyarenko     |      May 27, 2023

    President Zelensky’s world tour is giving Ukraine the chance it needs to beef up its military supplies, train troops and build broader international support to force the Russians from its territory.

  • Give Ukraine the jets it needs to win

    Matthew Sussex     |      May 26, 2023

    15 months after Russia’s invasion, the West remains curiously and shamefully reluctant to give Ukraine the fighter jets it needs to reclaim its own airspace and drive out the invaders.

  • Thug life

    Matthew Sussex     |      May 17, 2023

    Vladimir Putin’s search for scapegoats for his humiliating failure to subdue Ukraine risks sparking a civil war with the brutal mercenary gang he has relied upon to do his dirty work.