• Seven sustainable solutions for aged care

    Victoria Tichá     |      May 14, 2022

    A balance between public and private financing is needed to achieve sustainable aged care funding models, says UNSW Business School’s Michael Sherris.

  • Only 3.8% of Australian aged care homes would meet new mandatory minimum staffing standards

    Nicole Sutton     |      October 5, 2021

    Substantial increases in staffing will be needed across the aged care sector, placing more pressure on an industry already struggling to meet the needs of a growing number of Australians.

  • Building on reforms to aged care

    Julia Sarant     |      May 22, 2021

    The Federal budget is a promising step in the right direction, but more is needed to achieve the high standard of aged care Australia has the capacity to provide, and older Australians deserve.

  • Competition isn’t improving the aged care sector

    Ou Yang     |      April 24, 2021

    A new study finds more competition isn’t associated with better quality of care or lower prices in aged care, prompting policy reform to address sources of market failures.

  • Fixing aged care

    Stephen Duckett     |      April 20, 2021

    The royal commission on aged care released its final report last month and the next budget offers an opportunity for the government to act and fix a broken system. 

  • Aged care residents enter virtual reality

    Open Forum     |      December 24, 2020

    A new trial of virtual reality headsets with aged care residents show how the technology can help help stimulate interest and overcome apathy in older people.

  • Home is where the heart is

    Ben Knight     |      November 22, 2020

    The coronavirus has exposed long standing problems with Australia’s aged care homes, but a little support could go a long way to help us stay in our homes and age with grace.

  • New frailty index could improve aged care outcomes

    Open Forum     |      August 24, 2020

    A new frailty index using historical data from more than 900,000 older Australians could improve aged care and health outcomes for vulnerable older people.

  • The COVID crisis in aged care shows elimination is the only strategy

    Richard Holden     |      July 31, 2020

    The evidence is in and the answer is clear. We must try and eliminate COVID-19 for the health and economic benefit of Australians of all ages.

  • How COVID-19 exposed the flaws in aged care

    Tracey Bruce     |      July 8, 2020

    There are many critical lessons arising out of COVID 19 for all sectors but governments, policy makers and bureaucrats need to pay particular attention to the deficiencies it has underlined in Australia’s aged care sector.

  • Improving conditions in aged care

    Open Forum     |      May 6, 2019

    A new report has called for urgent reform of the working conditions in the aged care sector, which will address the shocking stories emerging from the aged care royal commission.

  • Australia’s aged care workforce starts to lag behind demand

    Open Forum     |      December 9, 2018

    Lower paid and lower skilled personal care workers are likely to be substituting the work of enrolled nurses in Australia’s residential aged care homes, according to new research.