• Royal Commission’s final report

    Theo Chambers     |      March 5, 2019

    Brokers play a crucial role in keeping competition alive in the home loan market. Shore Financial CEO, Theo Chambers, reflects on the potential impact on the brokerage industry if the final recommendation of the Hayne Report gets implemented.

  • A fresh approach to the transformation of the financial services sector

    Jeffrey Tobias     |      February 15, 2019

    The report on Australia’s troubled financial institutions only scratches the surface of the problems they face. True business transformation requires a cultural shift to serve customers with respect, empathy and passion, but it’s the only way for companies to survive in an ever more competitve world.

  • Swift action required on banking criminality

    Liz Campbell     |      February 9, 2019

    Trust is hard to define, but it’s certainly difficult to build and its easily lost. With people’s trust in Australia’s banks at an all time low, strong action against wrong doers is required alongside tighter controls in the future.

  • Australia’s banks given a decade to change their ways

    Diane Nazaroff     |      February 8, 2019

    Banks given a decade of work to change their culture and governance and while some of the big hits failed to materialise, the banking royal commission’s final report still lays out serious challenges for the industry, according to experts from the UNSW Centre for Law, Markets and Regulation.

  • Will Hayne blink?

    Warren Staples     |      December 8, 2018

    With public hearings finished, insiders are making a last-ditch bid to either soften or sidetrack the final report of the banking royal commission.

  • Independent directors can restore banking’s credibility

    Peter Swan     |      May 5, 2018

    The board membership of financial companies is coming under increased scrutiny in the wake of the banking royal commission – and rightly so as they are ultimately accountable for the shocking revelations in the news.