• We must do more than wave the flag in the South China Sea

    Sam Fairall-Lee     |      July 2, 2019

    All hopes of China becoming a ‘responsible stakeholder’ now dead and that nation’s capacity to constrain our maritime freedom of movement will only grow larger. Without action, we will soon find ourselves strategically reliant on the benevolence of an expansionist dictatorship.

  • Balancing the rise of China

    Peter Varghese     |      June 22, 2019

    It’s clear that China wants to become the predominant power in Asia. Why should that be a concern for Australia? The answer goes to the heart of the intersection of our interests and values in foreign policy.

  • It’s time for Canberra to stop kowtowing to Beijing

    Geoffrey Barker     |      June 20, 2019

    Managing relations with China is the most challenging foreign and security policy problem facing Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his re-elected government. While appeasement is always the easy option, a strong stance is required to protect the region and our liberties.

  • Australia needs a clear and consistent China policy

    Peter Jennings     |      June 10, 2019

    Our government should take a leaf out of China’s book by strongly promoting our national interests, speaking plainly in defence of our core values, and explaining our strategic priorities to the domestic public.

  • Thirty years after Tiananmen it’s time to face facts and join forces

    Timothy Cheek     |      June 6, 2019

    Thirty years after Tiananmen we need to spend less time trying to fix China and more time shoring up our ability to take care of ourselves, our societies and all of our citizens.

  • Tiananmen Square, 3–4 June 1989

    Peter Ellingsen     |      June 4, 2019

    The Chinese Communist Party goes to extraordinary lengths to suppress discussion of the brutal student massacre which crushed pro-democracy protests 30 years ago, but memories of the tragedy remain as intense as ever.

  • Standing up to bullies in the South China Sea

    Michael Shoebridge     |      May 31, 2019

    Public diplomacy around Australia’s relationship with the Chinese state in general, and the antics of its military in the South China Sea in particular, are becoming a major issue for Canberra.

  • Australian Navy helicopters hit with Chinese lasers

    Euan Graham     |      May 30, 2019

    Australian ships participating in a recent exercise were the subject of close attention by shadowing Chinese assets, ranging from demands for course information from Chinese navy ships to lasers aimed from “fishing vessels”.

  • Australia should stop bolstering China’s military

    Alex Joske     |      May 22, 2019

    A clear statement that Australia will not increase the war fighting capability of the Chinese military would be common sense and offer a guiding principle for future decision-making.

  • Assessing China’s soft power in the Pacific

    Richard Herr     |      May 1, 2019

    The fragility of Australian soft power in the Pacific has less to do with Chinese influence than a perception that Canberra has drifted away from the regional consensus on climate change, development priorities and economic relations.

  • Delving deeper after the ABC’s China investigations

    Andrew Chubb     |      April 20, 2019

    The recent ABC documentary exposing China’s political interference in Australian affairs did little to question the effectiveness of this country’s foreign intervention laws.

  • How the Chinese military exploits Western universities and tech firms

    Alex Joske     |      April 15, 2019

    The willingness of Western universities and tech firms to work with Chinese experts without checking their links with the PLA could advance China’s military capability to our strategic disadvantage.