• Meeting the challenge of communist China

    Michael Pezzullo     |      June 16, 2024

    The problem of dealing with a belligerent communist China is the geopolitical challenge of the age. Its favourable resolution will open the door to global amity. The alternative is enduring global instability, confrontation, and the risk of a major war in the Pacific, fought with nuclear weapons standing ready on a hair trigger.

  • Party of one

    Robert Wihtol     |      May 9, 2024

    China faces myriad challenges, from a sluggish economy, a huge property bubble and a demographic time bomb to deeply indebted local governments. But the fact that it is run by one man who is unwilling either to share power or to designate a successor may yet prove to be its biggest problem.

  • The political thought of Xi Jinping

    John West     |      April 28, 2024

    Like Vladimir Putin in Russia, Xi Jinping has established himself as China’s absolute dictator but his policies of internal repression and external aggression are motivated by ideology as well as personal power and nationalism.

  • Stability or submission?

    Justin Bassi     |      January 24, 2024

    The governments of Australia and China both ostensibly want to improve their rocky relationship, but the shape this should take is seen in very different terms in Beijing compared to Canberra.

  • Red tinted glasses

    Andrew Forrest     |      January 16, 2024

    Innumerable articles dissect or criticise how Australia views China, but it’s China’s ideological perception of the world which may be more relevant to our diplomatic and strategic relations.

  • Paper tigers

    Paul Dibb     |      December 2, 2023

    There is no shortage of appeasers in the West who believe that China’s military might renders support for Taiwan futile, but these are the same people who argued against supporting Ukraine faced with the ‘might’ of the Russian army.

  • Slaying the blue dragon

    Patrick Mendis     |      October 10, 2023

    China’s ambitions of imperialist expansion in the South China Season and the Indo-Pacific need to be contained by allied determination, given China’s complete disdain for other nation’s rights and sovereignty.

  • Overreach

    Robert Wihtol     |      October 6, 2023

    In her new book, Susan Shirk sets out to explain how relations between China and the West have deteriorated, noting that China went into imperial overdrive well before Xi came to wield sole power.

  • The risk of authoritarian AI

    Simeon Gilding     |      July 28, 2023

    If we are wary about AI we should be even more circumspect about AI-enabled products and services from authoritarian countries that share neither our values nor our interests.

  • Facing the dragon

    Sunny Cheung     |      July 15, 2023

    China’s decision to place bounties on eight exiled activists, two of whom live in Australia, is part of a pattern of transnational repression, and a typically brazen violation of human rights, personal freedoms and national sovereignty.

  • Calling out Chinese cyber attacks

    Pukhraj Singh     |      July 7, 2023

    Chinese cyber-attacks on Australian and Western assets are a major threat and, like their Russian, North Korean and Iranian counterparts, should be called out by democratic governments.

  • China’s hidden hand

    John West     |      June 19, 2023

    A new book by Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg explores how the Chinese Communist Party’s global influence operations strive to undermine Western democratic institutions.