• Two data points can pinpoint you in open transport records

    Vanessa Teague     |      August 18, 2019

    Last year, 15 million partially redacted public transport passenger details were posted online. It took Melbourne University researchers very little time to re-identify themselves and others, highlighting a risk to privacy.

  • “Why technology favors tyranny”: only part of the story?

    Malcolm Crompton     |      May 16, 2019

    Australia’s leading expert on privacy and data ownership, Malcolm Crompton, responds to a recent article by Yuval Noah Harari, the bestselling author of Sapiens.

  • Big tech designs its own ethics to avoid scrutiny

    David Watts     |      April 10, 2019

    The feelgood, high-level data ethics principles espoused by the tech giants do little to control their behaviour. The abuses perpetrated by “big tech” can only be addressed by proper regulation.

  • Online data – What can we do to protect it?

    Nick Galov     |      March 28, 2019

    It’s a battle to protect your personal data online, but you can improve your odds against the hackers and scammers by following these simple, but often overlooked, safeguards.

  • Data sharing by popular health apps is “routine”

    Open Forum     |      March 23, 2019

    Mobile health apps are a booming market targeted at both patients and health professionals. However these apps also pose unprecedented risk to consumers’ privacy given their ability to collect sensitive user data of great value to commercial interests.

  • How safe is our data from the long arm of the law?

    Vanessa Teague     |      February 13, 2019

    New legislation which aims to expose the communications of serious criminals might undermine the security of Australian citizens in the name of protecting it.

  • Digital Earth and data cities

    Davina Jackson     |      January 3, 2019

    Today’s smart cities rely on electronic networks and are planned with data from space, but how do people fit into this new digital age?

  • Why data is king

    David Byrne     |      December 16, 2018

    The more people use Facebook or Google, the more data they collect, and the more valuable the platforms become for both consumers and advertisers, but their ever greater power also raises issues of public concern.

  • The encryption deal done, but more work is needed

    Fergus Hanson     |      December 6, 2018

    Australia has a strong history of bipartisanship on national security issues and is much stronger for it. This tradition has held, just about, through the debate on data encryption, but much still remains to be done.

  • Are tech companies using data in more ethical ways?

    James Arvanitakis     |      December 1, 2018

    Technology firms generate their huge profits from the vast amounts of data they harvest from their users, so have they really changed their ways to protect user data from abuse in the light of recent scandals? New research suggests that while their rhetoric has changed, the reality has not.

  • The promise and problems of ‘big data’ in official statistics

    Caroline Compton     |      November 16, 2018

    Digital technologies put an abundance of data at our fingertips, but we must ensure questions of what should, and should not, be measured are answered before we use them in official statistics.

  • Data rights will empower consumers and business innovation

    Open Forum     |      October 23, 2018

    New data rights will help Australian customers and SMEs derive value from the information gathered on them and encourage the innovation required to boost productivity and wages.