• Maximising the economic benefit of Australia’s defence projects

    Marcus Hellyer     |      August 24, 2019

    The Department of Defence needs to ensure that current and future megaprojects actively foster Australian innovation and maximise local industry involvement in areas of high economic value.

  • How to defend Australia

    Hugh White     |      August 14, 2019

    The task Australia faces in deciding its future levels of defence spending is to balance that risk against the cost of building the armed forces required to deal with it.

  • How not to defend Australia?

    Peter Jennings     |      July 28, 2019

    Hugh White’s “How to defend Australia” is an elegant book but it’s fundamentally wrong on just about every judgement it contains.

  • More is at stake than merely leaked information

    Brendan Nicholson     |      June 9, 2019

    Australians are right to be alarmed about police raids on the ABC and a newspaper journalist’s home.

  • Defending the north – Then and now

    Richard Brabin-Smith     |      February 21, 2019

    While most of Australia’s population lives in the south east, any threat to the country must be faced from the north, and so plans to strengthen Australia’s defences must begin there.

  • Australia’s defence and security: Are we doing enough?

    Jim Molan     |      February 3, 2019

    Given that anything in Australian defence takes decades to mature, an upcoming election is the perfect time to talk about the issue of defence and security.

  • Beefing up the Parliamentary Defence Committee

    Jim Molan     |      December 16, 2018

    Australia’s Parliamentary defence committee should be given the power to pursue a national security strategy, given the increasing threat of China in the region and the relative military decline of the United States.

  • Forward ‘defence in depth’ for Australia

    Malcolm Davis     |      November 27, 2018

    China is determined to challenge the US across the Indo-Pacific and replace the established rules-based order with a Chinese-led system. Extending Australia’s defence capability would help counter this threat.

  • Building our own warships is Australia’s path to the next industrial revolution

    Giselle Rampersad     |      November 25, 2018

    The Federal government’s substantial investment in new frigates and submarines may prove as important to our nation’s economy as it is to our military security.

  • Once bitten, twice shy – Getting real about Australia’s security

    Jim Molan     |      November 20, 2018

    Australia’s reliance on an over-stretched, under-resourced Royal Navy was exposed by Japan in the Second World War and we must not make the same mistake by over-relying on the USA as China steps up its regional ambitions and power.

  • The limits of Australia’s defence diplomacy

    Daniel Baldino     |      October 28, 2018

    Defence diplomacy has many important benefits, not least in helping other countries facing large-scale disasters. These endeavours enhance security and indirectly generate confidence, resilience and goodwill but expectations of their impacts need to remain modest and fixed on short- to medium-term security goals.

  • Australia needs a clear national security strategy

    Jim Molan     |      October 14, 2018

    Australia needs to move towards a holistic security strategy directed much more specifically by government. And this must start with an acknowledgement of the principal threats to Australia in a changing strategic environment.