• The return of the megadrought

    Open Forum     |      April 3, 2024

    Australia’s eastern states are due for a soaking this week, but Australia could soon see megadroughts that last for more than 20 years, according to new modelling from The Australian National University (ANU) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes.

  • Drought need not lead to disaster

    Ilan Kelman     |      June 24, 2022

    Australia is no stranger to the problems caused by droughts, which are only set to increase in intensity and duration as climate change begins to bite, but lessons learned around the world can help stop droughts becoming humanitarian disasters.

  • Victoria’s catchments may not recover from drought

    Open Forum     |      May 18, 2021

    A third of the water catchments included in a Victorian study had not recovered from a severe drought nearly eight years later, according to research undertaken by Monash University.

  • Drought increases threat to global wetlands

    Open Forum     |      October 12, 2020

    University of Adelaide scientists have shown how droughts are threatening the health of wetlands around the world.

  • We can’t drought-proof Australia and it’s foolish to try

    Emma White     |      October 18, 2019

    The antiquated ideas about drought-proofing pushed by vote-seeking politicians promise much yet deliver little. Indeed, they distract attention and siphon funds from realistic solutions, or actually re-evaluating where and how we use our limited water resources.

  • Bipartisan support for drought relief doesn’t make it right

    Lin Crase     |      October 4, 2019

    Politicians love handing cheques to farmers as much as they love photographs with adoring children, but bipartisan support for drought relief does little to help rural employment, agricultural production or the environment.

  • We must strengthen, not weaken, environmental protections during drought – or face irreversible loss

    Sarah Legge     |      September 28, 2018

    Australian rural communities face hardships during extended drought but subverting or weakening existing protective conservation management practices and policies will exacerbate the impacts of drought on natural environments and biodiversity.