• Why a learner profile makes more sense than the ATAR

    David Geelan     |      August 2, 2020

    Broadening the ways we measure and represent the outcomes of the senior years of schooling has the potential to broaden our vision of school itself.

  • Education in extreme times

    David Browning     |      June 17, 2020

    While the desire for a return to business-as-usual – or curriculum-as-usual – is understandable, COVID-19 is an opportunity for educators to re-think the relationship between school and life.

  • Education technology and student privacy

    Lisa Archbold     |      May 16, 2020

    COVID-19 has highlighted the increasing growth of education technology or EdTech, but more legal reform is needed for children’s privacy as they learn online.

  • The world becomes our classroom

    Brendan Hitchens     |      May 1, 2020

    Educators and government have long talked about 21st Century learning, but COVID-19 presents an opportunity to reevaluate our attitudes to modern education – right here, right now.

  • A brave new world of education

    Amanda Heffernan     |      April 22, 2020

    The global pandemic has changed the way we think about schools, communities, and society as a whole – and will continue to do so for some time. 

  • School’s not out forever

    Neil Selwyn     |      March 28, 2020

    While the classroom might appear an old-fashioned concept, COVID-19 is demonstrating that there is something irreplaceable about students and teachers coming together to learn in person.

  • Helping your children with schoolwork at home

    David Roy     |      March 23, 2020

    The Prime Minister wants to keep schools open, but the states are pressing for closures and many parents are already keeping their children at home. So, if your children are home from school, what can you do to support their online studies?

  • GAP Summit calls for better career education in schools

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish     |      February 7, 2020

    As discussions about the future of jobs and lifelong learning intensify around the world, young people are increasingly looking for meaningful career advice to help them navigate the ever more complex world of work. The latest report from Global Access Partners offers some new perspectives.

  • Will Australia support a shift to lifelong learning?

    Caitlin Ruddock     |      November 11, 2019

    Dr Caitlin Ruddock reflects on the discussions at the recent GAP Summit on Lifelong Learning and the challenges Australian educationalists and policy makers face in closing our gaps in skills and knowledge.

  • Welcome to the GAP summit

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish     |      September 20, 2019

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish, the head of Global Access Partners, stressed the importance of education to her family, her institute and the nation in welcoming guests to GAP’s 10th Annual Economic Summit at NSW Parliament House in Sydney.

  • School-leavers need better career education to make good choices

    Open Forum     |      September 19, 2019

    The latest report from Global Access Partners (GAP) says universities should be encouraged to offer credit to school-leavers who achieve high results in relevant senior secondary courses, as well as develop new courses for specialist career educators.

  • The challenge of the contemporary university

    James Arvanitakis     |      September 19, 2019

    Professor James Arvanitakis argues that universities must consciously train graduates to be active, engaged, empowered and committed citizens, as well as pursuing traditional scholarship, if the world’s ‘wicked problems’ are to be addressed in time.