• Learning by being

    John Quay     |      September 6, 2023

    When we learn, we are knowing and doing and being – educators work with all three. While that may seem like common sense, the value of bringing them together cohesively is not understood as well as it should be.

  • Teacher’s pet

    Open Forum     |      August 25, 2023

    ChatGPT may match or even exceed the average grade of university students when answering assessment questions across a range of subjects including computer science, political studies, engineering, and psychology.

  • Playing catch up

    Olivia Groves     |      August 21, 2023

    Fewer than 1 in 5 Australian children who fall behind their peers in Year 3 catch up and stay caught up over the course of their school education.

  • Surfing lessons

    Open Forum     |      August 12, 2023

    Many adults would remember getting their pen licence in primary school, now researchers from Edith Cowan University and the Security Research Institute are developing a digital cyber security licence for Australian schools. The licence would be like a swimming certificate, with each student moving up in levels based on their evidence of achievement.

  • Students, academics and AI

    Jemma Skeat     |      July 4, 2023

    While some students are ready to embrace generative AI in their university learning, many are entirely reluctant to engage with the technology.

  • ChatGPT PhD

    Justin Zobel     |      May 23, 2023

    The widespread availability of increasingly sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies pose a profound challenge to many aspects of human life, not least the ability of academics to maintain the honesty and integrity of PhD research.

  • A lesson in courage

    Kristina Hook     |      January 11, 2023

    Russia’s army has kidnapped Ukrainian children and targeted Ukraine’s schools in its efforts to eradicate the nation, but Ukraine’s teachers and school children remain determined to carry on their education regardless.

  • Higher education in the age of AI

    Michelle Lazarus     |      January 8, 2023

    Asking ChatGPT – a bot which scrapes the internet to compile conversational answers using artificial intelligence – about the future of artificial intelligence unsurprisingly suggests that artificial intelligence will be the next big thing.

  • Teaching resilience in schools

    Open Forum     |      February 7, 2022

    Clinicians are calling for coping and social skills training and more extra-curricular activities in schools to help prevent increasing mental health problems in children, according to a new study.

  • Lessons for children from 2021

    Open Forum     |      January 1, 2022

    Three educational experts from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education review another year of disrupted education and what we’ll need to do next to ensure children don’t suffer long term impacts from school closures due to COVID 19.

  • Supporting children at school

    Open Forum     |      November 24, 2021

    New technology from the University of South Australia is helping to ensure children are better monitored and supported throughout their school education.

  • Teachers’ commitment shines through

    Umesh Sharma     |      October 7, 2020

    An international study suggests that despite the many challenges, schools and teachers have responded with creativity and flexibility to providing inclusive education during the COVID crisis.