• Facebook steps into the “metaverse”

    Kate Bettes     |      November 5, 2021

    Is Facebook’s recent rebranding as “meta” merely a rebranding to draw attention from its questionable business ethics?

  • Is your love life an open (Face)book?

    Jorja Fraser     |      July 14, 2021

    Researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s School of Health and Biomedical Sciences are looking for your help with a new project examining issues of jealousy and surveillance on the Facebook social media platform.

  • Feel like breaking up with Facebook?

    David Tuffley     |      February 19, 2021

    Users of Open Forum’s Facebook page will note it has been stripped of content by the American social media giant. By way of celebration, here’s a user friendly guide on ridding Facebook from your life as well.

  • Facebook shoots itself in the foot

    Diana Bossio     |      February 19, 2021

    Facebook’s ban on Australian news is winning it no friends around the world, and may force it to return to its original purpose of facilitating personal connection and social networking, rather than posing as a forum for public information.

  • Fixing Facebook

    Sarah Joseph     |      July 15, 2019

    If Facebook was an experiment in creating a true “marketplace of ideas,” the results are disappointing, naively utopian and sometimes dangerous. Yet the platform has no easy solution for the daunting problem of moderating its two billion subscribers.

  • Facebook at 15 – Time to grow up

    Bhaskar Chakravorti     |      February 2, 2019

    Official action to rein in Facebook’s power should reflect on the bad and ugly things the company has done and allowed to happen, but the debate shouldn’t forget some of the positives.