• After the deluge

    Max Thomas     |      March 26, 2021

    The impact of recent floods in NSW have shown how landscape changes induced by natural events, climate change and human activity affect water quality and make water supplies for our fast growing cities less reliable.

  • After the flood

    Max Thomas     |      February 11, 2020

    The heavy rain of recent days has extinguished bushfires and brought relief to drought-stricken farmers and city catchments, but the sediment washed from damaged land will bring its own set of problems.

  • A land of drought and flooding rains

    Conrad Wasko     |      July 4, 2019

    Understanding the interaction between increasing rainfall and dry soil conditions can help us make better plans to handle the consequences of climate change.

  • A flood of questions after Hobart’s rainstorm

    Open Forum     |      May 13, 2018

    Heavy rain and floods in Hobart have prompted comment from a range of experts, from the increasing likelihood of serious weather events due to ongoing climate change to the need for caution while driving and the toll such natural disasters can take on long term mental health.