• The unhinged global order

    Mercedes Page     |      October 7, 2023

    As the curtains fell on the UN’s annual high-level meetings last week, the world was left with an unsettling message: the international order is crumbling, and no one can agree on what comes next.

  • Putin forces the world to take sides

    Tanja Börzel     |      May 26, 2022

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s growing aggression in Asia and the Pacific may soon force the rest of the world to take sides in an ideological, economic and perhaps military confrontation between freedom and tyranny.

  • The battle for ideas will shape new global order

    Stephen Nagy     |      May 25, 2022

    The world has a choice to make between the freedom and democracy offered by the West and the aggressive authoritarianism of Russia and China.

  • Australia’s response to changing global orders

    Allan Gyngell     |      July 23, 2018

    Australia has responded to three separate changes in the international order over the past century. The two previous international systems terminated in war. Can a new order be marshalled without conflict?