• “Economic distancing” would repeat historic errors

    Shiro Armstrong     |      June 10, 2020

    Instead of accentuating differences and retreating from openness, the lessons of past crises point to a need to realise the common interest in immunising the global economy from prolonged stagnation and depression.

  • Rebuilding the wall around the world

    Roman Darius     |      April 14, 2020

    Narratives of isolation and self-sufficiency have arisen in attempt to curb the spread of disease. Like the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 and the migration crisis of 2015/2016, the Coronavirus pandemic is likely to feature as a catalyst in the shift towards deglobalisation.

  • COVID-19 and the complexity of connectivity

    Evelyn Goh     |      April 14, 2020

    Like the Global Financial Crisis, this pandemic shows the costs of connectivity can outweigh its benefits. The trade-off between connectivity and resilience – society’s ability to bounce back from systemic shock – will have to reassessed in the future to prevent similar catastrophes.

  • The rise of extremism

    Ted Cantle     |      November 21, 2017

    We are now in one of the most difficult and dangerous political periods for fifty years. The founding father of community cohesion Professor Ted Cantle CBE outlines the struggle facing mainstream political views.