• Political ‘doxxing’ – A Hong Kong case study

    Elise Thomas     |      October 4, 2019

    Western social media companies must remain alert to the evolving tactics of those who use their platforms as a weapon against the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement.

  • Bringing Hong Kong back from the brink

    Keith Richburg     |      September 3, 2019

    Hong Kong’s current crisis is the result of the absence of politics. The chief executive and the cabinet were never elected, are unrepresentative and do not have to answer to ordinary Hong Kongers. Average citizens also feel they have no stake in a leadership system that ignores their needs, serves mostly the wealthy elite, and is answerable only to Beijing.

  • Hong Kong: The canary in the coal mine

    Brendan Clift     |      August 23, 2019

    Hong Kong continues to be wracked by civil unrest as its people protest against Chinese oppression. How did it come to this, what does it signal, and where is it likely to end?

  • China can’t avoid a clash over Hong Kong

    Donald Greenlees     |      July 29, 2019

    Clashes between nervous autocrats in Beijing and Hong Kong’s young pro-democracy activists may have severe repercussions for the region.