• Weak protections leave more renters exposed

    Open Forum     |      August 10, 2018

    The rising number of people using rental housing need improved protection as the market diversifies into niche services, says a new UNSW study based on data over the last decade.

  • Is rent-for-life becoming the new norm for families?

    Daryl Holland     |      August 1, 2018

    Young couples planning a family have traditionally been the group most likely to buy their first home. But high house prices and uncertain employment mean many more young families are staying in rental properties, and experts say regulations need to be kinder to these rent-for-lifers.

  • New report casts doubt on Sydney’s affordable housing policy

    Open Forum     |      June 22, 2018

    Affordable rental options for low-income households in Sydney need to be drastically improved according to the City Futures Research Centre.

  • Tackling Melbourne’s homeless crisis

    Catriona May     |      June 21, 2018

    As Melbourne faces a growing housing crisis, pockets of innovation are offering some people who’ve become homeless a leg up out of social housing and into home ownership.

  • Many millennials are priced out of the suburbs they grew up in

    Julia Cook     |      June 4, 2018

    Remaining close to family and friends matters to millennials, but few can afford to buy their own home in the neighbourhoods that mean the most to them.

  • Paying the right price for energy efficient homes

    Nicole Engwirda     |      June 2, 2018

    New research finds that people are willing to pay more for energy efficient housing, strengthening the case for a mandatory national rating system for existing homes.

  • Australia’s foreign real estate investment boom looks to be over. Here are five things we learned

    Dallas Rogers     |      June 1, 2018

    Domestic and foreign real estate investment have long been connected to the financial services industries, and the built environment is central to creating and storing surplus capital. Australian cities continue to be heavily influenced by global money despite the recent slowdown in foreign purchases.

  • New report settles the score on Perth’s ‘liveability’

    Open Forum     |      May 14, 2018

    A new report assessing Perth’s ‘liveability’ finds that despite the city’s improvements, it still struggles to meet its targets for infrastructure and policy implementation.

  • More people will be homeless unless we change course

    Gavin Wood     |      March 20, 2018

    The latest census results prove that governments must reassess their approach to an increasing social problem. While drug abuse, domestic violence and other factors are important, structural problems in the housing market are exacerbating the climb in homeless numbers.

  • Helping youth create their future

    Jason Juretic     |      April 4, 2017

    Today is Youth Homelessness Matters Day 2017. Jason Juretic is CEO of Stepping Stone House, a not for profit organisation helping vulnerable youth to grow into self-sufficient and independent adults, starting with a safe and secure home environment.