• Melbourne dweller’s “Russian” winter

    Chris Jensen     |      June 29, 2021

    Australia’s housing just isn’t good enough when it comes to dealing with winter temperatures – we need to take lessons from the Northern Hemisphere.

  • A home of one’s own stays out of reach for many

    Sam Tsiaplias     |      February 3, 2021

    Despite rising numbers of new home loans amid the COVID-19 economic recovery, the outlook for housing affordability remains bleak and more of us will be renting long term.

  • Housing locational disadvantages in Sydney

    Khandakar Al Farid Uddin     |      January 12, 2021

    Plans to concentrate new housing in Western Sydney should be revised to ensure adequate additional infrastructure is provided and more diverse and equitable solutions are explored.

  • A plan for social housing

    Hal Pawson     |      October 10, 2020

    The Community Housing Industry Association’s Social Housing Acceleration and Renovation Program (SHARP) would deliver an extra 30,000 homes and renovate thousands more over four years.

  • Repairing the housing market

    Hal Pawson     |      September 21, 2020

    The fallout from COVID-19 for housing and homelessness just adds to the urgency of fixing the long-standing ills of the housing market. The well-being of Australia’s economy and people depends on it.

  • Stamping out stamp duty

    Richard Holden     |      July 5, 2020

    It’s time to reform stamp duty, one of the most inefficient and distorting taxes collected by Australia’s state and territory governments.

  • The ‘missing middle’ offers a new housing solution

    Open Forum     |      June 6, 2020

    The days of urban McMansions are numbered and a QUT architecture lecturer says the solution to more flexible, affordable housing lies between a large home and a unit – the ‘missing middle’.

  • Australian housing needs a shake-up

    Hal Pawson     |      February 21, 2020

    Millions of Australians are struggling with unaffordable housing. It’s a systemic problem that’s been decades in the making, and only concerted system-wide reforms will fix it.

  • Tiny houses may not be the big answer

    Ben Knight     |      January 31, 2020

    There has been significant growth in small house living, but that doesn’t mean Australia should “go big” on them in terms of overall housing policy.

  • Renters can be trapped for years in homes they can’t afford

    Hal Pawson     |      November 3, 2019

    After paying rent, more than half of low-income tenants don’t have enough left over for other essentials, and the latest evidence shows nearly half of them can be stuck in this situation for years.

  • Bigger on the inside?

    Open Forum     |      October 23, 2019

    Could Australia’s housing crisis be solved, not with a bold expensive plan, but with sneaky, under-the-radar remedies? Architectural researcher Alysia Bennett has been working on some strategies she thinks might work.

  • Lessons from abroad on affordable housing

    Bingqin Li     |      September 21, 2019

    Sydney’s housing, savings and public transport systems fail to offer its residents a competitive package of affordable housing, but lessons can be learned from Singapore and Hong Kong to create a better solution.