• Bringing Russia’s thugs to justice

    Matt Killingsworth     |      December 10, 2022

    The Ukraine conflict offers a microcosm of the tensions in the international legal order, not least the difficulty of prosecuting wrong doers from powerful authoritarian countries.

  • Prosecuting Putin

    Victor Peskin     |      December 3, 2022

    The trial of Slobodan Milosevic offers a model for the prosecution of Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin for his war crimes in Ukraine.

  • Nothing but the truth

    Henry Zwartz     |      September 29, 2022

    Artificial intelligence is making inroads into every sphere of society, even that most human area of justice.

  • Sounding the death knell for capital punishment

    Open Forum     |      March 7, 2019

    A new institute is pushing for the global elimination of the death penalty, but much work remains to be done.

  • Can restorative justice help create safer communities?

    Open Forum     |      October 21, 2018

    A researcher from The University of Western Australia believes that a restorative justice approach in prisons will play a key role in prompting convicts to behave in morally acceptable ways before and after their release.