• Australia’s power problem

    Dylan McConnell     |      March 2, 2023

    Are blackouts really looming by the middle of this decade? An AEMO report warns they might be – but there are plenty of projects on the drawing board that will help ease the squeeze on the grid.

  • Not all power resides in the ACT

    Max Thomas     |      June 18, 2022

    The ACT is suffering from the same energy problems as New South Wales and Victoria, and proper planning is required to ensure security of supply in the future.

  • Researchers serve up climate change solution

    Open Forum     |      November 18, 2019

    An international team of researchers has discovered a cost-effective way to generate electricity without producing greenhouse gas emissions – while also reducing air pollution.

  • Will Victoria run out of power next summer?

    Peter Farley     |      September 10, 2019

    Despite the scare stories, a detailed investigation of Victoria’s power and storage capacity suggests that power shortages are unlikely next summer.

  • Heresy: The government’s lack of electricity energy policy is probably a good thing

    Peter Farley     |      September 27, 2018

    The lack of coherent Federal policy on electricity is probably a good thing, and any new federal policies are likely to be costly, out of date long before they are introduced and actually counterproductive.

  • The hard part of soft power

    Graeme Dobell     |      August 13, 2018

    Australia used ‘soft power’ to enhance its regional interests long before the term was invented, but how should DFAT reassert its ability to control the narrative within the machinery of government itself?

  • Tasmania’s ‘Battery of the Nation’ is an expensive boondoggle in the age of distributed resources

    Peter Farley     |      June 19, 2018

    While pumped-hydro storage can play a role close to existing transmission infrastructure or centres of demand, the process remains expensive and inefficient. Investment in more renewable generation on the mainland would therefore be far more effective than Tasmania’s proposed ‘Battery of the Nation’ scheme.

  • The darkest hour for the NEM?

    Kane Thornton     |      April 17, 2018

    The government’s failure to pursue a proper national energy strategy is undermining the National Electricity Market.