• People, get ready

    Open Forum     |      March 6, 2024

    A new online platform aims to better prepare communities for disasters with the use of community sourced data, resource mapping and artificial intelligence tools.

  • Learning the lessons of national resilience

    Marc Ablong     |      February 21, 2024

    Collective, collaborative action, enabled by governments and built on the capability of Australian industry and communities, can create a more resilient Australia, can ensure that we’re well placed to face the future with confidence.

  • Building community resilience

    Brian Robert Cook     |      January 19, 2024

    Australia’s disaster authorities need to rethink how they use warnings and other communications if they want to build more resilient communities.

  • Prepared for the worst

    Gillian Savage     |      August 4, 2023

    After savage wildfires in Europe, the prospect of a long, hot summer in Australia increases the need for better preparation for bushfires and other natural disasters.

  • Building resilience in the South Pacific

    Open Forum     |      May 15, 2023

    Rather than providing for the Pacific, Australia should be working with Pacific Islanders, sharing expertise and building regional resilience, as this is just as important for Pacific island countries as it is to Australia.

  • National resilience needs a system-wide approach

    Gillian Savage     |      April 19, 2023

    Until policymakers fully adopt a systems approach in their thinking and planning to improve national resilience we’ll continue to trade one priority for another.

  • A more resilient north

    Open Forum     |      March 3, 2023

    Resilience won’t be achieved if local communities continue to be required to compete with each other for one-off, sector-specific federal or state grants. Sustained investment is needed that taps into local strengths and supports nation-building opportunities.

  • Staying philosophical

    Jonathan Mitchell     |      November 20, 2022

    Taking a more philosophical attitude to failure in life, rather than seeing it as an inevitable stepping stone to success, can help us develop as people.

  • Resilience and traditional culture in the Pacific

    Apisalome Movono     |      June 22, 2022

    Traditional ways helped people in the Pacific survive the economic problems of the COVID pandemic, and future development should also complement the Pacific way and uplift the “mana” of Pacific peoples, rather than aim to replace it.

  • Flourishing after the fires

    Open Forum     |      June 5, 2022

    Researchers at the Monash Fire to Flourish project are investigating how Australia’s fires and floods have prompted social, cultural and structural change in some of the nation’s affected rural towns.

  • Pacific resilience tested in 2021

    Tess Newton Cain     |      February 8, 2022

    The resilience of Pacific Island Nations and the resolve of their communities were tested on numerous fronts in 2021, but overall a range of heath, geo-political and environmental challenges have been faced with some success.

  • Teaching resilience in schools

    Open Forum     |      February 7, 2022

    Clinicians are calling for coping and social skills training and more extra-curricular activities in schools to help prevent increasing mental health problems in children, according to a new study.