• Resilience and traditional culture in the Pacific

    Apisalome Movono     |      June 22, 2022

    Traditional ways helped people in the Pacific survive the economic problems of the COVID pandemic, and future development should also complement the Pacific way and uplift the “mana” of Pacific peoples, rather than aim to replace it.

  • Flourishing after the fires

    Open Forum     |      June 5, 2022

    Researchers at the Monash Fire to Flourish project are investigating how Australia’s fires and floods have prompted social, cultural and structural change in some of the nation’s affected rural towns.

  • Pacific resilience tested in 2021

    Tess Newton Cain     |      February 8, 2022

    The resilience of Pacific Island Nations and the resolve of their communities were tested on numerous fronts in 2021, but overall a range of heath, geo-political and environmental challenges have been faced with some success.

  • Teaching resilience in schools

    Open Forum     |      February 7, 2022

    Clinicians are calling for coping and social skills training and more extra-curricular activities in schools to help prevent increasing mental health problems in children, according to a new study.

  • We’ll still need resilience in 2022

    Open Forum     |      January 9, 2022

    Thanks to the pandemic, 2021 was characterised by family, social and financial dislocation, but strengths built through adversity will help us cope individually and collectively in an uncertain start to 2022.

  • Mobilising for resilience

    Joanne Nicholson     |      October 19, 2021

    Mobilising society, rather than individual institutions, will be required to face a range of threats from war, grey-zone conflict, terrorism and organised crime to domestic and offshore natural disasters.

  • Effective defence requires deeper resilience

    Ulas Yildirim     |      June 29, 2021

    The defence of the nation relies on a lot more than weapons, and the deterrent effect the government seeks to achieve through the Australian Defence Force’s high-end warfighting capabilities is inextricably linked with broader national resilience.

  • Resilience – To be or not to be

    Open Forum     |      February 23, 2021

    To strengthen our resilience on a global national and individual levels, we should all join forces and work together but leadership will be required to translate this vision into reality.

  • 10 lessons from the COVID crisis

    Open Forum     |      February 23, 2021

    Australia ranked eighth in the world ‘s Top 10 countries to manage their COVID-19 response well, with New Zealand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Cyprus, Rwanda and Iceland leading the way in an in-depth study by international experts.

  • The time for resilience is now

    Shane Fitzsimmons     |      February 16, 2021

    What makes a good leader? NSW Resilience Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons spoke on leadership traits at the GAP Virtual Summit on National Resilience.

  • Rethinking threats to our national security

    Brendan Nicholson     |      December 2, 2020

    Building sovereign manufacturing capabilities, diversifying our trade from China and facing the reality of climate change are all important parts of building a more resilient Australia.

  • Building research capacity for a disaster-resilient Australia

    Paul Barnes     |      October 14, 2020

    Australia needs a networked consortium of teaching universities and regional research centres helping our emergency and disaster management services face the myriad dangers we face.