• Russia’s real enemy is Putin

    Robert Horvath     |      July 14, 2022

    “Russiaphobia’ means fear of Russia, not hatred of Russians, and is entirely rational given Russia’s brutal assault on Ukraine and threats against the rest of Europe. The biggest enemy of Russian interests isn’t “Russiaphobia” but the monster in the Kremlin.

  • King rat

    Jon Yuan Jiang     |      June 27, 2022

    Vladimir Putin fancies himself the king of a resurgent Russia, occupying Eastern Europe and cowing the West, but like the Bond villains he so closely resembles, his own hubris, self-indulgence and bloated self-serving ambition will ensure his downfall.

  • Being banned from hell is no dishonour

    Michael Shoebridge     |      June 19, 2022

    Being banned by Russia is a mark of honour, given the thuggish barbarity of its poisonous regime.

  • Russia’s doctrine of hatred

    Kseniya Oksamytna     |      June 12, 2022

    Russians have been fed a diet of lies and disinformation about Ukraine for years, stoking the inhuman actions of their troops during Putin’s invasion.

  • Wild honey

    Clementine Fujimura     |      June 10, 2022

    Russian poet Anna Akhmatova wrote that “wild honey smells of freedom” but Vladimir Putin has followed in the dark footsteps of Josef Stalin and other Soviet leaders in ruthlessly suppressing any opposition to his dictatorial rule, forcing artists to choose between leaving the country, silence, imprisonment or death.

  • The corporate exodus from Russia

    Meridith LaVelle     |      May 30, 2022

    While some global and domestic companies – not least Australia’s Canva – are still doing business with Russia, a swathe of corporate pull outs in the wake of intense public pressure to do the right thing is increasing the economic and social pressure on Putin’s criminal regime.

  • Russia’s reign of thieves

    Tony Ward     |      May 28, 2022

    The pernicious effects of decades of authoritarianism and endemic corruption have been vividly on display during Russia’s botched invasion of Ukraine.

  • Why Europe’s far right sticks with Putin

    Toby Greene     |      May 2, 2022

    European leftists instinctively sided with the Soviet Union during the Cold War, but now it’s far right populists in the USA, France, Hungary and elsewhere who excuse Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine and oppose help for that embattled country.

  • Russia’s long slide into pariah status

    Mathew Doidge     |      April 30, 2022

    Russia’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine is the culmination of its long slide into the diplomatic abyss. Only Eritrea, Belarus, North Korea and Syria voted against the UN resolution condemning the attack.

  • Generation “Z”

    Jennifer Mathers     |      April 26, 2022

    Just as generations of Russian children were brainwashed into accepting communism, so young people today are being indoctrinated to support Putin’s brutal internal repression and aggressive foreign wars in the name of fervent nationalism.

  • Why Russia’s church backs Putin’s war

    Scott Kenworthy     |      March 25, 2022

    Patriarch Kirill’s support for the bloody and unprovoked invasion of a country where millions of people belong to his own church underlines how Orthodox leadership have usually been little more than an arm of the authoritarian state.

  • Putin’s pet fascists

    Robert Horvath     |      March 22, 2022

    Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has tried to justify his invasion of Ukraine as an attempt to ‘denazify’ the nation, but in reality it is Putin who has relied on neo-nazis to help crush democracy in Russia and promote his interests abroad.