• Australia’s grand strategy

    Peter Layton     |      November 20, 2023

    The grand strategy methodology is a useful framework with which to consider Australia and its contemporary international policies and activities as a middle power.

  • The high stakes of grand strategy

    Peter Layton     |      June 27, 2019

    The Chinese challenge in Asia, and the Russian threat to the west, are real and require genuine debate, perhaps even strategic innovation. This may all sound intellectually confronting, but it’s vital to confront reality. Our future may well depend on it.

  • Australia’s “strategic personality” in a changing world

    Rod Lyon     |      May 19, 2019

    Beyond the tourist images of barbecues and beaches, what is Australia’s ‘personality’ in international affairs, and how might that change in the future?

  • Second track diplomacy could calm Asia’s power struggles

    Graeme Dobell     |      December 26, 2018

    Australia must be nimble and smart as it adheres to the US alliance to ensure its security in the region while simultaneously looking towards Asia on economic and trade issues. Informal second track diplomacy offers a way to negotiate the rocky path ahead.

  • Hard times in Australian strategic thinking

    Rod Lyon     |      October 20, 2018

    A stronger defence force is a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for achieving the sort of world that Australia want. Partnerships have also been central to our strategic success, and will remain so, but they must be partnerships we have chosen of our own free will.

  • Winning battles and losing wars: the next force structure review

    Bob Moyse     |      September 24, 2018

    The strategic question for the next force structure review is, should we care more about whether we can win on a single landmass or whether we can win across an archipelago? Or to recast the question, where can we least afford to lose?