• We must defend Taiwan

    Asha Clark     |      June 27, 2024

    A clear commitment by the West to defend Ukraine would have spared Europe three years of war, and its time for a similar pledge to protect Taiwan from China’s imperial ambitions and deter a war in the Pacific.

  • Taiwan lives

    John West     |      May 20, 2024

    Niki Alsford’s recent book, “Taiwan Lives,” explores how the Taiwanese people have created one of the world’s most high-tech economies, a successful and vibrant democracy, and a distinctive cultural identity.

  • Disagreeing where we must

    Open Forum     |      November 16, 2023

    Australia and China are looking to improve their diplomatic and economic relations after China’s failed attempts to bully Australia into submission, but this shouldn’t stop Australia emphasising its support for Taiwan.

  • Disinformation and democratic resilience in Taiwan

    Sheryn Lee     |      May 23, 2023

    Taiwan’s robust democracy is underpinned by freedom of speech, press and association – liberties that China exploits to spread disinformation and try to convince Taiwanese citizens that the only way to avoid war is to support its plans to ‘peacefully’ unify Taiwan with mainland China.

  • Taiwan’s quest for legitimacy

    Tasha Wibawa     |      May 15, 2023

    Despite Communist China’s relentless economic, diplomatic and military battering, democratic Taiwan continues to win friends and protect its position through intelligent application of its soft power resources.

  • The power that Beijing can’t match

    Gary Rawnsley     |      May 1, 2023

    Taiwan is smaller and has less access to normal diplomatic avenues but does have one advantage over mainland China – its vibrant free society.

  • Taiwan’s reinvention of diplomacy

    Adnan Rasool     |      April 26, 2023

    The lack of official diplomatic allies isn’t stopping Taiwan from finding ways of winning friends and influencing people.

  • China aims to crush Taiwan under the ‘wheels of history’

    Mark Harrison     |      September 27, 2022

    From Adolf Hitler to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, aggressive tyrants often set out exactly what they plan to do then take commentators and democratic leaders by surprise when they do them. Xi Jinping’s plans to invade and assimilate Taiwan are no exception.

  • Facing facts over China

    John Fitzgerald     |      August 13, 2022

    Australians have as much reason to be wary of China’s communist government as people in Taiwan, because China’s communists have shown they don’t care about people anywhere – not in China, not in Taiwan and not in Australia.

  • The travails of Taiwan

    Michael Shoebridge     |      August 10, 2022

    As with Vladimir Putin’s horrific invasion of Ukraine, Xi Jinping’s violently aggressive actions in the past few days against Taiwan – and Japan – clearly reveal China’s true nature and intentions.

  • Can Taipei escape the claws of Beijing?

    Collins Chong Yew Keat     |      July 24, 2022

    China’s rhetoric and military build up make clear its designs on invading Taiwan, but the support of the West could still avert disaster.

  • Ukraine’s heroism may help save Taiwan

    Kacie Miura     |      May 28, 2022

    Ukraine is not the only peaceful, democratic country menaced by a much larger, authoritarian aggressor. If Russia had strolled to an easy victory in Ukraine, China would surely have been emboldened to attack Taiwan, but the combination of fierce resistance and international support may make even President Xi think twice.